Not Eating After Circ

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chill24 - December 6

My son had his circ_mcision yesturday he seems to be dealing with it just fine however he threw up everytime we gave him the infant Tylenol so I stopped giving it to him, now he is not eating and hasnt since last night which he ended up throwing it all up. He will nurse for a few minutes then just stop. Im not sure if this is because he has a tummy ache or what im starting to get worried about my little this normal to not want to eat much after the circ???


kimberly - December 6

Doesn't sound normal to me. I would call his Dr. I have 2 boys and they ate and acted fine after thier circ_mcision.


lmk - December 6

How old is your son? Why did you give him Tylenol? It wasn't for the circ, was it? Babies will tend to be sleepy after the circ for a day or so, it's their way of dealing with the shock. And when they're only a couple of days old, they tend to fall asleep nursing after a few minutes anyway. At least mine did. And he gained one pound the first week! Their stomachs are really don't worry too much about it. If he's got a tummy ache, then he'll probably make grimaces and thrash his arms and legs about. That's what mine does when he's got gas... You can bicycle his feet then and draw his knees into his chest...that helps them pa__s gas.


chill24 - December 6

Imk thanks a heap that eases my worried heart. He is 2 1/2 weeks old. I was instructed by the Dr. to give him infant liquid Tylenol before and after the circ so that is what i did however he didn't react well to it at all. He hasnt been awake for more than a few minutes since yesturday he is just so tired i tried to feed him and offer it to him often but he is only interested for a few minutes then pa__ses out again so i leave him be. I was always told the best way to heal is to i wrong???


Happymommy - December 6

Both of my boys slept A LOT and had a hard time eating after having a circ. They didn't throw up or anything though. Maybe check his temp, and call your dr just to make sure. More than likely he is perfectly fine, but it will give you peace of mind to hear it from your doc. GL!



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