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Skyfeather - June 19

To me this part of the forum has the most mature and helpful people so thats why Im asking this here. Is there a way to suggest a new forum? I dotn have a name for it but it would be on how to save money while raising a child. Im barely making it right now with clipping coupons ect. A topic on where to get good coupons or how to cut expenses I think would be a god send to me and maybe to others.


Amaya's mommy - June 19

Hi! Some people are totally against this, but have you thought of government a__sistance? We are on WIC and thats it, but it does help with formula. You can also go to any product brands that you use (their website) and request coupons and samples. I hope this helps a little. Also, I am not sure how many people are in your family, but if you have other kids, you can go to and it will tell you resturants in your area that let children eat free! Good luck.


Jbear - June 20

You can make your own baby food, instead of buying the expensive little jars. Get a couple of ice cube trays. Cook your food until soft, and then puree in the blender or food processor. Use the cooking liquid to thin it to the right consistency for your child's age. Freeze individual servings in ice cube trays, and then store your "food cubes" in ziplock bags. Another good way to save money is to buy clothes for your baby or even your whole family at thrift stores and yard sales. Baby clothes don't get worn very much before they're outgrown, so it's easy to find them in "new" condition at the thrift store. One thing to watch for when you're clipping coupons is that usually the coupons are for the more expensive brands. If the more expensive brand is still more expensive after the coupon, you might be better off going with a cheaper brand and forgetting the coupon. Luvs diapers are cheaper than huggies or pampers, but they still work well and smell good. White cloud is cheaper, but they run really small. Oh, and Amaya's mommy is right about WIC, it can be very helpful. I was on WIC with my daughter and it provided about two-thirds of the formula we needed each month, as well as milk, juice, eggs, cheese, cereal and peanut b___ter for me.


-m - June 20

At the very bottom of this website there is a Contact Us link. Click on it and you can send an email to the editor. You could suggest to them your idea about a new forum.


Skyfeather - June 20

Thanks everyone. I am already on wic right now and it supplies curantly enough formula for my daughter but she is almost eating more then they supply. I am just trying to save as much money s possiable because now we will have a 1 year and a month old baby living with us for half the month each month. It is my hubbys first child and Im worried that with us barely making it now we will be sinking when we have her also.


Amaya's mommy - June 20

You could also look into buying in bulk. If you have a Sams near you, look into getting a membership. You can buy twice the diapers for just a little more than you pay for 1 pack, we also get toilet paper, paper towels, feminine products (tampons, pads, etc), there is all kinds of stuff you can get. If you know another mom or just someone that wants to save a little, split the membership, I read an article the other day on how to save money and i will see if i can find it.


Liz - June 20

I did the math yesterday when I bought fomula for my baby and since he is formula fed only it looks like we'll have to spend something over $80 dollars a mos. for formula. How do you get on the WIC program? Also: I am currently formula feeding only because I had some problems at the beginning with b___st feeding and had to stop. It's been 2 mos or so that I haven't b___st fed but I noticed that I can still express milk. I have tried to b___st feeding again a couple of times but I think my baby is just used to the bottle now and gets frustrated and cries. Maybe not a lot comes out?? I don't know. I thought I could buy a pump and see if I get it going again-does anybody think that would work? Formula is just so expensive. I always wondered why they charge so much for something you need to buy...well, maybe that's why...


Jbear - June 21

Liz, look up city health clinics (metrohealth or whatever they may call it in your city) in the city listings of the blue pages of your phone book. There's probably a listing for wic clinics there, if your city's big enough. If your baby is on medicaid you will automatically qualify for wic. They can also help you with a lactation consultant to see if you could get your b___stmilk going again. Skyfeather--if your husband's other child is going to be living with you half the year (I read one of your other posts) find out who will get to claim that child as a dependant on their taxes--your husband or his ex-wife. If your husband can claim the child, he can have his employer take out less from his taxes. Also, if he's paying child support, find out if it will be reduced if his child is living with him half of the time. It seems like it should be. Also, find out if you can get wic for your stepdaugher...she's too old for formula, but she can get the milk, cheese, eggs, cereal...You'd have to make sure her mother isn't already getting wic for her. You could also look into finding a job during the hours your husband's not working. My husband and I worked opposites for three years. It's not a lot of fun, but it pays the bills when there's no other choice.


Liz - June 21

Jbear: Thanks for the info. I will see what I can find here. I'm in Virginia, I'm sure there must be something. :)


Slyfeather - June 21

Thanks everyone. Im currently looking at the diaper website.



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