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shari - June 12

oops, I accidently just sent an empty e-mail..sorry about that. Hi--I'm new to the forum, and had a question about my 6 1/2 month old. He can sit with a little support but would topple over if I let go. On his tummy, he can lift up upper body but is not scootin and he HATES being on his tummy. I know all babies go at their own pace, but i can't help worrying about it. He seems so bright and cheerful and is good at the fine motor stuff and cognitive ...just doesn't seem to want to get movin on the gross motor. Also, aside from milk, how much solid foods should they be havin at this age? Henry usually has a bowl of rice cereal with about a half jar of veggie or fruit. Just wonderin if that is enough. Thanks!:)


Aussie Beck - June 13

Hi Shari! Welcome to the forum. I also posted a question about sitting not too long ago! My 5.5 month old daughter also flops over when I sit her up, and she also holds her upper body up when on her tummy, but isn't scooting. Although she now rolls over from her back to her front and seems to have the right leg motions for crawling but doesn't quite have the arm strength yet. They all progress at their own rate, and seeing as your LO is good at the fine motor skills and is bright cognitively I don't think you have anything to worry about! I'm sure he will surprise you soon - I'm waiting in anticipation of what Shelby will do next!!! With regards to food - my dd drinks about 24-28 oz of formula a day (4 bottles) plus has a bowl of pureed veg for lunch and a bowl of pureed fruit for dinner. I'm going to introduce baby wholegrain cereal for breakfast when she is 6 months! Sounds like you are doing a great job to me!!! :D


Jamie - June 13

In the last month or so, I have been going to an infant playgroup. Of the 6-month olds who attend the playgroup, none can sit unsupported, and only 2 of the 7 month-olds can.


Jmom - June 13

Have either of you tried the Bumbo seat? It's supposed to help them build their muscles so they can sit. We just got one for our 3 month old. We'll see if it does work :)


Aussie Beck - June 13

Jmom: I don't think we have them in Australia - at least I've never heard of it. What is it exactly? I may be able to find something similar.


AmandaManns - June 13

My son is 5.5 months old and has been sitting up on his own since he was 5 months. He does really well. I do not even hesitate to leave the room when he is sitting up. He will just sit and play with his toys, now once in awhile he will topple over and he cannot get himself back up. On the other end he will not roll over. He wants nothing to do with it. I asked his pediatrician about it and said that he is sitting up on his own unsupported so do not worry about rolling over. As long as your LO is showing some developmental progress then she is doing great. I would not worry about it. I was an early sitter when I was a baby, about 5 months but my friends little girls was 7 months before she could sit up on her own. Sounds like you are a doing a great job!


shari - June 13

Hi guys... Thanks for the encouragement! It really helps to hear what others are doing. My first son (who is now 12ys) has a rare genetic disorder and is in a wheelchair. While my 6 1/2 month old shows no signs of the same condition, I think I may be a little bit more nervous than most when it comes to the milestones. I totallt appreciated all the input! thanks :}



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