Not Rolling Over

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meagan1227 - May 7

my son is 4 months and 2 weeks old and he hasnt rolled over yet. I put him on his stomach and back during the day and he still wont roll over. i put toys beside him and i will lay next to him too. i read on a milestone chart that he is supposed to be doing it already. should i be worried?


pbj - May 7

No, I wouldn't worry at all. My dd is 5 1/2 months old and just started rolling over a few weeks ago. Then one week later started sitting up on her own. I wouldn't pay much attention to those milestone charts, especially since doctors say that now babies will usually hit milestones a month later because of placing them on their backs to sleep. Just keep doing what you're doing, he'll catch on.


kimberley - May 8

dont worry too much, if your son is fine and alert apart from the rolling, everything is good. Babies do things when they are ready :) My DD is 3 months old and doesn't roll, even from her tummy to her back. She doesn't get a lot of floor time due to her very bad reflux (she cant lie flat)


Rabbits07 - May 8

I don't worry too much about my babies hitting the milestones right on the mark. There is usually no cause for concern unless your baby is delayed by two or more months and then it is wise to seek professioinal counsel, but even then it doesn't always mean that something is wrong...some babies just develop later than others. I've had two kids that had speech delays and had to have speech therapy. Everyone that knows them always says you would never have known that they had trouble talking as now that is all they do!


Tina-Baby Eva - May 8

My daughter is 4 months old and has not shown any sign of rolling over, she just kicks her legs and watches her hands in amazement. I don't see any problem with this and not worrying too much yet. I'm sure she'll be fine. And also you son will be fine too.


Nerdy Girl - May 8

My 5 month old has not rolled over yet either. I think he is too huge to move himself. Ha, ha.


AmandaManns - May 8

My son will be 5 months on the 20th and he will roll from his belly to his back but not back to belly. He is getting really close but he cannot master it yet.


Renea - May 15

I wouldn't worry either. I just had my 4th child on April 22. All my other kids rolled over at 3 months and up. However, my little guy just started rolling from tummy to back this last weekend---he will be 2 months on the 22nd--way too early. I am in big trouble if he keeps going at this pace. =)



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