Not Sure What Else To Do

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AudreyS - July 5

Hello, I am of desperate help to get my 7 month old son out of my bed into his own.....Please help me!!!!!


Sarahsmommy - July 5

Haven't dealth with this but just a suggestion. Is he napping in your bed? If so try putting him in his crib for his naps, other then that I don't really have any suggestions.


erenimi - July 5

Just refuse to let him sleep in your bed. Put him in his, make sure he is full and changed, and then let him CIO. I know this is hard, but my dh is only 3 months and she sleeps all night in her crib. For our CIO i went in every 10 minutes to get her back settled down. That way she knew that i was still here, and i still love her, but she needs to sleep in her own bed.


cae - July 5

Maybe try moving him to his crib slowly, instead of abruptly. First try putting him in his cribs for naps, maybe do this for a couple of days. Then at night when he falls asleep in your bed, try putting him in his crib so that he wakes up in it. Then maybe the next night, put him in his crib and let him CIO. Check on him every 5-10 minutes. CIO does not work for everyone, but sometimes it is the only way. My son never slept in my bed, not even for naps, he slept in his ba__sinet until about 4months then right to his crib he went. I hope this helps, good luck.


SonyaM - July 5

Definatley try naps in his crib. Perhaps you can buy the book, The No Cry Sleep Solution. It has a lot of great techniques for getting baby to sleep independtly without using the CIO method. Like cae said the cio doesn't work for every baby or for every parent. My oldest son would cry all night if we let him and not nap all day if we tried CIO. Finally when he was two and half we did the supernanny technique and it worked great! Good luck.


AudreyS - July 6

So last night i let him fall fast asleep then i moved him to his crib, i put the blanket we have on our bed in his crib. and what do u know, he slept all night in his crib...Hopefully this will continue...Fingers Crossed!!


AprilMum - July 6

That's a start - but he's got to learn to actually go to sleep in his own bed.



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