Not Sure What To Do

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Kt - February 17

Ok ladies, my dd is 3.5 months and used to be an awesome sleeper and eater. She got sick 2 weeks ago and has recovered from a bad cold. But every since then she doesn't like to eat her bottles. She will eat like an oz. and then spit the bottle out and turn her head side to side and it is a struggle to get her to finish a 5oz bottle. She often onl.y eats 3 oz at a feeding. She gets up alot more at night and seems to have more gas. She is on Enfamil Prosobee and I was thinking of changing her to Nestle soy. It seems to be thinner and easier to digest. She will suck on her binky, but not a fan of a bottle. I have an appt. at the doc later today to make sure it's not an ear infection, but i'm not sure if I should even take her. COuld she have trouble with her formula now since she has been sick? She poops every three days now, which I know is ok, but she used to be a regular pooper. The nights after she poops during the day are the nights that she sleeps much better. I 'm trying to figure out if it is all related, or if she is just going through a transition. Anyone have any ideas??? Oh and she used to go 6-7hrs inthe middle of the night before waking up for a bottle. but now she is up every hour to two for either her binky or a bottle.........i'm not sure what to do??


April - February 17

Have you thought of infant ma__sage? There is one move called I Love You that is supposed to help with tummy troubles.


Kt - February 17

No, I have never heard of it, but I will look into it. Could her tummy troubles be from her formula or just her growing?


Erin - February 17

Oh my gosh! Deja Vu! At Christmas this year my daughter had the same thing. It does get better. I would go and see what your MD has to say. Just for rea__surance, we had the same situation. When my dd finally felt 100% again, she started to regain her appet_te, and slept much better at night again. I think that when they are sick it disrupts their routine, and they get in the habit of getting up more. It could be that she is still not as hungary, but you will probably notice a change in her eating again very soon. Good Luck!


Kt - February 17

Thank Erin..i was starting to go crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. i recently went back to work and am feeling extremely guilty cause that is when she got sick....April- i went to that web site and am going to try that tonight.....thanks girls..


Heidi - February 17

Emma has been doing that too. She's 4 months old and just got her shots and she was really fussy the next day and it's been three days now and my daycare mom said she's not eating like she used to. I'm sure she's okay and it's common but I'd check with your MD just to rule out an ear infection.


Shanna - February 17

Well im sorry for your daughter but i think you should still take her to the doctor and see what he says.


helo - February 18

The drinking 1oz then turning head sounds like what my dd did when it was time for the next stage nipple?


Jbear - February 18

I had to switch my daughter to soy formula after an illness. We started with parent's choice soy and then went to enfamil prosobee...I don't think my daughter likes the enfamil soy very much at all. It smells better and is more milk-colored, but I think she dislikes the taste. She doesn't poop as often now that she's on soy, and it seems much firmer than it used to. She's old enough for baby food so I feed her prunes to help with the bm's.



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