Not Taking A Bottle

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Jamie - November 4

Has anyone ever heard of a baby just deciding to not like a bottle anymore? My daughter is br___tfed, but has been bottlefed from time to time since she was in the hospital. It had been several weeks since she was given a bottle, but yesterday, both a babysitter and my husband tried to give her a bottle of br___tmilk, and she wouldn't take it. Was it a one day fluke, or is she developing a distaste for bottles?


Lovely - November 4

Good God, would I LOVE an answer!!! In the hospital, my girlie took a bottle no problem. I have b___stfed ever since, but am trying sooooo hard to get her to take a bottle now for some relief efforts.... all to no avail. Am I doomed?!?!?!?


.... - November 4

I have always been told that babies are not going to starve themselves, so offer them the bottle when they are hungry, if not, let them wait a little bit, and try again. They will eat eventually. BUT, can you stand the crying in between!!!!????? :o)


Toya - November 4

I can't agree with the "they will eat eventually", because the same thing happened to Asjani. She was taking both b___st and bottle(occa__sionally) from birth to 8 weeks and then I stopped bottle feeding her for a while and when I re-introduced the bottle to her she just looked at me funny and bit down on the nipple. After weeks of switching nipples and trying to give her a bottle, the only thing that worked for me was to open up the nipple hole a little more, because once she knew there was milk in there she started sucking more than biting. She didn't start taking the bottle until she was 5 months old (which is when I tried the nipple thing), but hopefully that will not be the case for you ladies.


Respectfully - November 4

I disagree with you Toya. It has been my experience that babies will eventually eat. They will not starve themselves, they just prefer b___st/bottle depending on which more than the other. If you are dead set on completly weening your baby off the b___st, then the child will eat when it gets hungry enough. Babies can be just as stubborn as toddlers/adolecents/adults. And Toya, please do not take my response as being rude..:o)


Jamie - November 5

I don't want to wean my daughter, I want to be able to leave her with a babysitter. I can't exactly detach my left b___st and stick it in a diaper bag, y'know?


TC - November 5

I must disagree with you respectfully. I work with infants and toddlers and I have seen this one 4 mo who will not drink from a bottle. His mother b___stfeeds him and she started bringing him in with pumped milk and was trying to give him a bottle at home. For a full week this boy refused to drink from the bottle. We had him from 8-6 and in that time frame he did not drink anything. The following week, my co- worker decided to try and feed him milk from a spoon because he was obviously hungry and miserable. This was the only way we could feed him. I witnessed him being fed like this until I went on maternity leave. When I left he was 13 mos. However, to Jamie hang in there because every child is different.


Jamie - November 5

Maybe I should get the Mannary Gland from Meet The


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 5

That is sooo funny Jamie LOL


Happy to TC and Respectfully - November 5

It's about time that there are two people who actually disagreed with one another and did not attack each other nor act like their ideas were stupid... :o)


Toya - November 5

lol Jamie. I feel your pain. I too, at a point, wished to detach my left b___st and stick it in the diaper bag...but one day your daughter will take the bottle again...just don't give up...hang in there.


Lissi - November 5

Nadya has decided she prefers the b___st. She'll take a bottle eventually if she's hungry enough, but she messes around with the teat and keeps spitting it out or just licking it.


Jamie - November 6

Serenity keeps licking it, too! And she licks me - there are times when I feel like a Tootsie Roll Pop - 1 lick, 2 licks, 3 licks...*crunch*


Eww. - November 6

Licking?! Eww, eww, eww.


Jamie - November 6

Yes, licking is so gross. *rolls eyes* Grow up, will ya?


Lissi - November 6

I'm sorry, what's wrong with licking?


amber - November 6

Yes please explain what is wrong with licking?



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