Not Taking A Bottle

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joeysmom - May 24

My son is five months old, and I am nursing him. I have just went back to work part-time, but now he won't take a bottle. I introduced a bottle to him at four weeks and he did fine but when I started going to back to work he won't take one now. I want to quit nursing when he is six months, but I have no idea how to get him to take a bottle. Has anyone had this problem and if so could you please tell me ways you have gotten your baby to take one? I have tried br___tmilk in a bottle, apple juice, and all different kinds of formula.


Rabbits07 - May 24

When introducing a bottle to a b___st fed baby it is usually best if someone besides the mother gives it first....your baby can smell you and knows that the real thing is so close. Also, there is the matter of finding a nipple that your lo likes. Sometimes this is a matter of trial and error. I had to do a lot of testing to find a nipple that the flow was slow enough for ds. If worse comes to worse....just take away the b___st and don't give in. He WILL take a bottle when he gets hungry enough. I know that sounds so mean, but I had to do it (in reverse) to my fourth born. he wouldn't take the b___st and I was pumping constantly to give him b___st milk ina bottle. At his one month c/u his pedi told me not to pump. He said when baby cried to put him to b___st, if he refused to lay him back down. He said he guaranteed that after a few times he would finally take the b___st and wouldn't starve in the process. He was right...ds balked on me 3 or 4 times and when he seen he wasn't getting a bottle he took the b___st. It should work for trying to get a b___st baby to take a bottle, too. It was my only resort, but you have other options you may want to try first.


RB - May 24

i wasn't making enough b___stmilk so for the first six months, my son had to have both - i didn't want to give up b___stfeeding altogether so i basically mixed them for him... he was on my b___b constantly because he was so hungry that after a few days of continuously offering him the mixed bottle, he eventually took it cuz he got hungry enough. now he is almost 7 months and eats formula (plus solids) exclusively... like rabbits said, it sounds mean, but babies won't starve themselves... also, apparently you have to find the right kind of nipple - one that is similar to yours... good luck!


Marlene - May 24

I had to stop b___stfeeding at 3wks do to my lack of eating which equaled lack of milk but my son wouldnt take a bottle from me b/c he smelled my milk. I had my mother and sisters feed him until one day I was left alone with him. At first he didn't want b/c he knew I was mommy then he realized if he wanted to eat he had no choice. He is now 12wks and doing fine on the bottle. So have someone else give him the bottle for now.


Whitney - May 24

I tried to wean my son at 6 months & ended up nursing until he was 11 months because he just refused the bottle completely. I finally went to the Dr. who advised I should just do it cold turkey, but offer a sippy cup instead of a bottle (because he was already 11 months he said we could just skip the bottle phase). But anyway, it totally worked after just 2 days. It was a rough 2 days, & he screamed a threw a fit but after a few hours he was hungry enough & took the sippy cup, & after 2 days it was like he totaly forgot all about the b___b & would get all excited when he would see me bring him the cup. The first day I gave him pumped milk, & on the second day I every other cup was formula, & day 3 & on was just formula. It was tough at first but eventually by day 3 he was drinking from it so well, & we're both happier now.


joeysmom - May 25

thanks guys for your answers. I am def going to try this. Maybe, I can have my husband do it during one of my eight hour shifts. It's gotten to the point that my son just won't eat or cry or anything until I get home so I will just have to stick to it. Thanks!!



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