Not That Many Of You Were Intersted But

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Heather F - March 8

I'm not pregnant, thank god! Thinking this week I might be got me really thinking and I am so glad I'm not. It turns out I must have had a stomach bug because I was sick to my stomach for a week but then I got better before getting af...I knew we did it when I was ovulating this month because we trust my IUD - it was just coincidental I got a stomach bug after ovulating but before af. I personally feel a little goofy for even thinking I was preggers! I honestly ust equate the type of upset stomach I had with pregnancy! Thanks to all of you that showed support while I was worried and thanks for reading my update!


Heather F - March 8

typos!!! Grr, it should say, This week thinking I might be....and after honestly should be just


ry - March 8

Oh thats good Heather! I know what you mean, whenever I have anything I had when I was pregnant-heartburn, heavy urges to pee, nausea, fatigue, I am convinced I am pregnant again lol. Anyways I am glad it worked out the way you wanted it to!


BriannasMummy - March 8

Well thats good to hear Heather! Glad that you got the results that you wanted! I think a lot of people "think" they are pregnant when they arent.. its all a part of being a woman. Sorry you had a stomach bug though.. hope you feel better now! ~Kristin~


Renea - March 8

Glad you are feeling better and prayers that when you are ready to conceive, you will be blessed. Are you still planning on having it removed at the end of the month?


HannahBaby - March 8

haha lol I always think im pregnant, im b___stfeeding my 4 month old and using protection (condoms) but still freak out when i only spot for a few days, or if i feel sick to my stomach.....Dont worry, your not the only one who does this


rl- - March 8

Hey don't feel bad I had a tubal done on 1/31 and have not had my af since the week before and I have taken not 1 but 2 hpt just to make sure i am not preggers lol both neg (thank God) and still no af but atleast I know I am not makes me feel so much better so I understand how you feel


venus_in_scorpio - March 8

my last period was 5 days late and i was FREAKIN' OUT!!! I took 5 pregnancy tests and they all came back negative (one each day i was late LOL!!!) well congrats on NOT being pregnant!!! haha! I wanna have another baby but good GOD not yet!



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