Not Tolerating Whole Milk

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Bonnie - February 7

Have you all ever heard of that? I haven't, lol. Anyway, been trying to switch Mason offf formula to milk for a month now. Everytime I give him more milk than 4 oz (I have been doing half milk and half formula), he barfs up curdled milk. On a suggestion of some people, they said he may not be tolerating the full fat milk and to try skimmed. So today, I gave him 2 straight bottles of skim milk with no formula at all, and low and problems at all. I just can't believe it! Anyway, I have a call in to his GI doc to see what she wants us to do since I know they need the fat. But I just can't get over the difference today. Have any of you all gone through that?


LisaB - February 7

My ds has a milk allergy and one of the things to look out for with an allergy is the throwing up however with him tolerating skim milk that is a little odd. However we did the same thing with ds. He started whole milk and had horrible poopy diapers abd diaer rash. Literally as soon as he pooped he wouls break out on his bottom with red welts that would bleed and ds would scream it was very sad. So I called the ped and the nurse told us to switch to 2% same results so I called back talked to another nurse she said since there was no vomiting it wasn't an allergy and to try again in a week. Well same thing so I called again and this nurse said that it is an allergy and to try lactaid which is what ds is drinking now and he has had no problems at all. It is 2% but the ped said that is fine. Its weird cuz my ds eats a ton of cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and does fine but milk is a whole nother story. Hop I helped a bit I know Mason has reflux so I don't know if any of this applies but I would try the lactaid.


ConnorsMommy - February 7

my ds is just like Lisa's =) .. that's exactly what happened with us!.. I agree.. try the lactaid.


Bonnie - February 7

How odd. I was wondering about allergies, but like yours...he has been eating cheese and yogurt no problems since 7 months and has been on milk based formula. Was yours on milk based formula too? At any rate, so far the skim milk seems just fine so it probably is just the fat content, but I will keep an eye out.


LisaB - February 7

My ds was b___st only and I drank a ton of milk -still do. I don't get it.


ssmith - February 7

I have heard of that....having trouble with whole milk and not 1% etc. I also remember hearing that yogurt and cheese, although dairy, are digested easier than milk......I forget why though LOL


Heather F - February 7

I have read that goats milk is easier to digest and you can still use the whole milk version of it. My sister in law uses it for my nephew who has a problem with whole cows milk and he does well on the goats milk, it also has fewer growth hormones so its better for our kids. The lactose portion of goats milk is much lower then cows milk which is why its easier to digest. I would suggest trying goats milk before skim milk or lactaid. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - February 7

That's odd isn't it? Maybe you could work your way back up to whole milk up to 1%, then to 2%, etc. I think there are other differences in whole milk and nonfat milk besides the sodium and stuff. I hope all works out for you. Before my oldest ds was dx'ed with the GERD a year or so ago he had became intolerant to milk and we were having to buy Lactaid....$$$$...need I say more?


lynnstress - February 7

Not my son - my mom said that was ME as a baby! She told me she tried tons of different formulas when I was less than one year old, and none of them stayed in me. She said I didn't do well on whole milk either, and she told the doctor she would try skim milk, and it worked. But be prepared - - - it's prbably due to all that trauma as a baby that I don't like plain milk to this day. I will drink milk if it has any kind of chocolate mix, and I love milk in my coffee. But I don't know how much you'd have to pay me to drink a gla__s of plain milk.


Bonnie - February 7

Well, Lisa. maybe I spoke to soon. His third bottle of it today ended with an explosive diareha. This coming from a kid on medication for constipation. But like you said, he can handle formula, yogurt, and cheese no problem. So I don't know if this is due to allergy or just shock from me putting him on milk cold turkey. Im waiting on a call from the GI tomorrow. :(


eclipse - February 8

I was actually that way when I was little as well. I could tolerate cheese except for ricotta, ice cream somewhat, and basically any processed milk product, but I couldn't tolerate anything higher than 1% milk. I've grown out of it, but don't like whole milk and still get a bit sick from whole milk ricotta cheese. And I am a dairy QUEEN! No lactose intolerance, just couldn't take the fat in pure milk I guess. I drink skim now.


Rabbits07 - February 8

I must have severe mommy brain as this just dawned on me and I don't know why I didn't remember it last night, but my dh is the same way. He can eat cheese, yogurt, etc., but cannot drink milk or he vomits. If he loads it down with chocolate (I'm talking about 6 or 7 heaping spoons to a gla__s) he can keep it down which I find totally weird. He can't even keep skim down though if it's not flavored. Incidentally, my dh also has GERD. Reckon there is a connection with GERD and milk intolerance even though able to eat other milk products? I've asked dh why he can't hold it down and he said he doesn't know...that it just comes back up if not flavored.


sahmof3 - February 8

This is interesting. Now I'm curious what your GI will say. It doesn't really sound like lactose intolerance. I had that once after a round of Tetracycline wiped out the "good" bacteria in my digestive system. It was pure he11!!!! I had sharp cramps and was miserable until they figured out what was wrong... and I couldn't tolerate cheese, yogurt or any dairy... so it doesn't sound like that's the problem w/ Mason. Don't have any other experience w/ it, but good luck!


Emily - February 8

the 1% and skim is more ealy digested tehn whole too, like the cheese and yogurt. My dd didnt' have a problem with milk. Ib___stfed and switched her to milk at 11 mos when I was gone just os I didnth ahve to lug the pump to work anymore.......I planed on contining nursing at ngith and mornig until one year, but the little stink refused to nurse after she started taking milk. THe only thing was that she had harder stoool, but with feeding her more fiber, that fixed that.....I dont know much about the reflux thing in babies, (My hubby gets it though and I know sometimes milk upsets it....maybe that has something to do with it.....)



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