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blakenabbeighsmom - December 3

Hey ladies, I went ahead and started it for us. Piggers and I have been spending a lot of time together. I am going to the doc on wed because i have been having some really horrible sharp pains in my left ovarian area. I can't even really hold him bc he leans against it and it hurts. I had a csection you all know so this are the options of what it could be cyst, infection, kidney infection or a hernia. i don't know but ouch!!! I am so glad that everyone has had thier babies (cept tan and jenna) and really looking forward to how everyone is doing!Love you ladies


January - December 3

Wow, I can't believe we are over here.. we've had our babies!!! Last March it seemed like it was NEVER gonna happen.. all the stupid questions we all asked and all the silly worries. We made it!! Candle is doing great.. she has her 1mo. check up on the 14th.. can't wait to see what she weighs.. my guess is she's about 6lbs right now. Love the lil expressions she makes. I'm looking forward to some real smiles.. not just the ones she makes when she's sleeping lol


blakenabbeighsmom - December 3

Jan, I know me too! i found out i was prego in febuary. lol. i knew forever. I am exhausted today bc of the pain i am in. But i see the doc on wed. How is candle? any new pictures?? I am doing the only thhng that i ever do lol..


CJMITCH44 - December 3

Hi ladies, and thanks Jo for starting a new one! I have been reading a book waiting for our last thread to come up. Does it take a long time for this site to load up for anyone else sometimes? Our computer sucks so that's probably why. I hope everything it alright Jo, does the pain radiate to your groin? If it does it might be a kidney stone. If the pain gets progressively worse before tomorrow please go to the ER. The pain from stones will make you feel like you want to throw yourself out of a window, and the sooner you get pain meds and fluids via IV the better. I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can go get my lithotripsy done, so I can escape from kidney stone hell. But they wont do it until Jan 14th! If anybody wants to see pics of Kai, I got a site up at Piczo, its It's very primitive but it works for now! Congrats on all new arrivals, and soon for Jenna and Tan! Take care ladies!


blakenabbeighsmom - December 3

i will CJ. IT isn't like the kidney stones i had before. i know how bad they are. had to have surgery to get them out cuz it was stuck ouch ouch ouch lol. Did they tell you whe Kai can come home? i saw the pics and emailed you back. she is a beautiful baby!!! i love you guys


HeavenisMine - December 5

Cannot wait to see Jenna and Tan's birth stories soon. I also can't believe we are here! Sometimes for fun I go back and read my old posts and laugh at some of them. Now I am no longer a total newbie to pregnancy, by my next pregnancy I can be a veteran. January your baby is so tiny! Mine is over eight pounds and is only a week and 2 days old:) I have been having extreme pelvic pain lately that makes moving around a chore, and I made a post about it here, maybe you ladies could help me out here too. I am getting worried and considering going to the ER tonight if it doesn't get any better. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow, but I don't think I can get in considering I have to take Phoenix to her doctor's appointment. It is going to be a long night...


January - December 5

I just responded to your post Heaven, I think it's the same pain I was having. Ibuprofen is safe to take now that you aren't pregnant anymore and doesn't effect b___stfeeding.. try taking up to 800mg of it to relieve the pain.


staci - December 5

hey girls! typing one handed here too! how is everone? sorry i've been mia, really tired! graci's awake ime seems to be at 11pm and lasts until 1-2am! ihave to find a way to keep her awake closer to time for bd so she'll be tired. can't wait to hear from tan and jenna! it should be any day now. CJ gonna look at your pics here in a minute. Does anyone else have up new pics? Has anyone heard from Ash/syn?? Haven't heard from her in ages. January gotta question for ya. On dissolvable st_tches what is the longest they can stay in before dissolving? mine are still there and very hard? he said they were dissolvable. They were just starting to feel really tight and uncomfortable last night and I was surprised to see them still there. Everything looks good down there though. No signs of infection. January I can't believe candle is still so teen-niny! She is just going to be very pet_te huh? cute! Heaven, I bet your pheonix is close to 9lbs at her appt! Landon gained wt like Graci is as well. I just have big children! Landon never was fat, he was just filled out nicely and tall with a big head lol! He finally grew into it a bit. Anyway, I am really rambling! Jo let us know what they say about that pain. Heaven hope yours gets better! Well gonna go! Oh and how much of your wt have you ladies lost so far? I lost all of mine in the first week, and now am losing more. I gained 24lbs and have lost about 35. Hope i can keep it off! Sorry if that is to nosy, but we were all always talking about how much we gained and I think it's neat to hear how much everyone has lost in such a short time. I will be back later! Hope you all are well!


blakenabbeighsmom - December 5

hey guys. well i have endometriosis. i ahve an ultrasound on friday. this is really p__sing me off. I hate being sick can't things ever get better you know. I have a babysitter now:) Once a week so that i can work on my homework i love it. ash/syn stopped talkign to me after she had ethan. she still gets on all the time and posts but... oh well. I am so happy that my piggers is doing better however i hate that i am not... love you all


January - December 5

Staci, the st_tches can last 2-3wks before dissolving.. sooner if you take alot of warm baths. Yes she is tiny tiny... and I have lots of new pics on my myspace. Can't help but take pics all the time lol. Blake, sorry to hear that, that really sucks! Hope you are feeling better soon. Uh oh.. Candle is crying.. she won't let me put her down even long enough to pee or eat dinner.. she cries anytime she isn't being held.. she's spoiled already lol


blakenabbeighsmom - December 5

Jan, blake gets like that once a week lol. he is getting chubby . eating like six ounces every two to three hours lol. I am praying that it isn't something more serious. they are doing the ultrasound to see if i have a growth or something like that... gonna go look at ur new pics:)


Tan - December 5

Hi everyone!!! im here!!!!!!!!!!!! my story is in third trimester board, in our thread. :D and some pics gonna be up on piczo in lil bit.. ttyl! :D


blakenabbeighsmom - December 6

Ok, ended up in er last night. Other than endometriosis i also have a 3in cyst on my left ovary and a kidney infection! WTF shouldn't they have seen the cyst and edno when they did my surgery. I just got done making gingerbread cookies. brb piggy crying


angie m - December 6

HI ladies. So great to be over here with our babies in our arms. I had Karisma's first doctors appointment on Tue. and she was up to 8lbs. So at 10 days old she was already past her birth weight, even if it is only by 1oz that is still pretty good I think. January that is so cute that Candle is so little. I have to go out and buy new clothes for Karisma this weekend because all of her new born stuff is getting to small. Thankfully I have some 0-3 months stuff that fits her but not much. Staci sorry to here that Graci is up in the middle of the night. Karisma goes to sleep at like 9-10 and wakes up every 2 hours to nurse but goes back to sleep untell 5:30 when she has a big poop, and yes it has been like every morning. I then have to change all her clothes and everything. Fun times but at least she does good at night so I am getting a lot more sleep then I thought I would be getting. I have lost 23lbs so far. I am thinking that I had a lot of water weight because of how swollen I was. I still have like 25lbs to go though. But I am trying not to worry about it tell after the new year. I got a couple quick questions for you ladies. First off are any of you still having lower back and hip pain? I am and it is just as bad as when I was pregnant and it sucks. And also I was just wondering where your babies are sleeping. Karisma is in bed with us and I am loving it. Makes nursing her super easy. Well I'm going to go make my self and the kids a quick lunch well Karisma is sleeping. Hope you all are having a great day! Oh and Tan CONGRATULATIONS!


January - December 6

Hi ladies.. well, I've lost 40lbs since getting pregnant.. 25lbs during pregnancy and then 15 from delivery.. I haven't weighed myself since leaving the hosp.. but as of the day I was discharged that was the grand total. But, weirdest thing, ever since Candle was born I have had such a sweet tooth and that is so ODD because I hate sweets!! I don't like chocolate, ice cream, cake, candy, etc.. but now I do! lol I hope it pa__ses or I'm gonna b__w up like a blimp! lol Hi Angie, welcome back.. Candle sleeps in bed with me.. she won't sleep in her ba__sinet.. so since day one she's been in bed with me.. I love it too! She will nap in her ba__sinet though so that's good. When she'll ALLOW me to put her down that is lol. Hi Tan, I responded to your birth story.. sounds awesome!! Welcome to mommyhood!


hollyl2313 - December 6

Hi november mommies! I hope you don't mind if I join your thread. I have been following the 3rd trimester for quite some time. Congrats on everyones beautiful babies. I have enjoyed eveyones birth stories. My little guy is 5 weeks today. He loves to eat and be held! I feel for you January. my little dude does not like to be put down. I can only get him to nap in his swing and in the car. It really wears on me sometimes because I have two other kids that need their mom too. He also sleeps with us at night, which works good for now because I'm breatfeeding. Blakes mom, I'm really sorry to hear about all the c___p that is happening to you. I can't imagine having to deal with that and a newborn. I hope that the meds start working for you. Hi Angie! Congrats on your baby girl. I hope eveything is well for you. I hope you didn't get flooded out! We didn't but I know a lot of people who did. Sorry for rambling. I'm lacking in adult conversation!!!


angie m - December 6

WOW January what a weight loss. That is great! I have been more hungry since I had Karisma which sucks big time. I don't want to put on anymore weight so I am trying to be careful about what I eat. And I have always had a sweet tooth for stuff like chocolate, cake, cheesecake, ice cream stuff like that which doesn't help either. I just have to try to remind myself that I just had a baby 12 days ago and it is ok. Plus after 6 weeks I will start some kind of exercise to help with the weight. That is neat that I am not the only one having my baby sleep in bed with me. Jo I know what you are talking about, the little bed thing, but I don't have one. All of my kids slept in bed with me without one. My first for almost 2 years and my other 2 for 6+months. I am a very light sleeper and I just curl up around Karisma so my knees are in the way in case hubby rolls towards her. Oh and I would talk to Blake's doctor about switching formulas, he/she should be able to help you in deciding what formula would be best.



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