Now He Has A Rash ALL Over

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CassJ - February 19

Ds had a cold last week and today I noticed he had a little rash on his neck when I put him down for a nap and when I got him up 2 hours later it was ALL over him. Ahhh! What could it be? He is up to date on his shots and we haven't changed his lotion, food, or laundry detergant. Help? What could it be?


C - February 19

Has he been running a fever at all? My son had a rash on his chest once and I think they called it Roseola.


Selena - February 19

My dd just had a similar experience so I took her in to see the pediatrician she said dd had a virus that was manifesting as a rash. The instructions were no baths for a couple of days and to apply oatmeal based lotion for moisture. You should call your pedi and tell them exactly where the rash started and how it has spread. Different rashes spread differently, some up and some down...its very important in the diagnosis.


Ca__sJ - February 19

I researched it and I do think it is Roseola. I am still going to the doctor tomm. just to make sure. Thanks!


Smilefull - February 19

kids get rashes! they have a weaker than adults so if anything gets in cintact with their skin they might get a doc said to wait a week--if it's still around come in.


ashtynsmom - February 20

My dd just got over a rash. It started on her forehead and then spread down her neck, tummy, back, b___t and eventually arms and legs. It lasted about 7 days. We took her to the ped, and they said it was a viral infection, and it would clear up on its own. There was no treatment, no symptoms ( she didn't itch or burn) but that we jsut had to wait it out. She could still bathe, and everything normally, and they said she was not contagious.... it was just a bumpy rash that looked like heat rash.


LisaB - February 20

Sounds like Roseola they diagnosed my ds over the phone saved me an office visit and another chance of ds picking up something at the office!


Bonnie - February 20

Mason has been going through something similar. I was going to take him in but it is clearing up more now. he had a fever and then broke out in a rash all over his legs :(



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