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stefkay - May 29

Currently I am weaning my 11 month old and I br___tfeed her first thing when she wakes up (have no idea how much she is getting as it's the only time of the day I feel I have any milk left) and then I do a 6 oz bottle at "breakfast lunch and dinner" and then br___tfeed before bed to help her relax to sleep. I hope to not do this for more than a month. But, what I'm finding is that when I br___tfeed first thing in the morning she just doesn't seem interested in breakfast solids OR bottle. It ends up throwing everything off all day so that she ends up missing at least a bottle and/or one or two meals. She is really not big on solids lately and I can't force it into her. I'm so perplexed...I know they are supposed to get like 20-24 oz of bm or formula per day but I doubt she gets more than 18. Anyways, my question is do you think I can cut out the breakfast bottle so that she will be more likely to do lunch and dinner? I imagine if she bf's anywhere between 6-8am that she doesn't want to eat at 9:30 or 10 like I'm trying to get her to......?


micsmms3 - May 30

If she is filling up with bm in the morning, maybe do it for less time so she doesn't get as much milk and has room for breakfast? Maybe pump that feeding for her and bottlefeed it so you can see how much she's getting and adjust accordingly so she eats breakfast? I'm not looking forward to weaning as I depend on it so much when getting her to sleep for bedtime and naps! It's the only thing that works for us. Michelle


stefkay - June 1

It's been tough for sure...this morning worked ok and she has gone back to eating a bit more. I think she was a bit sick or the teething was getting to her last week so today she bf at 7am and then took food and a bottle around 10 or 10:30. Lunch got pushed back to 1 or 2 and that is ok b/ c she doesn't do dinner till like 6:30ish anyways. I will have to get used to doing her meals later than mine I guess? She freaks if I don't bf her when she wakes and she only really uses the bedtime one to fall asleep rather than to eat. I was doing part bm/ part formula in her day bottles now I'm doing only formula and it is so much easier to not be either b___stfeeding, pumping, feeding a bottle to, feeding solid food to or cleaning it all up all day long. I can't wait until she is 1 and I can just do meals and cow's milk. I loved b___stfeeding and have been glad to do it for the first year, but am ready to have more time to do other things, lol. It was sooooooo easy until she started solids then it got hard.


fefer1 - June 1

My son is 11 1/2 months old and is on 3 milk feeds a day. He doesn't take a bottle, so his lunch and dinner are from a sippy cup. ABOUT 6 ounces, probably less since he spills it all over. He eats 3 solid meals a day as well. I usually BF him AFTER he eats breakfast now so I can wean him completely to the cup. You can't measure how much you BF by pumping - babies get more out than a pump. He gets a snack around 10, lunch and cup of milk around noon and dinner around 5 with his cup of milk. Snack between lunch and dinner too if he's hungry. He also sips on water at snack times. He used to get really grumpy if he didn't get a b___b right away in the morning but slowly we worked on getting him to his highchair and food in his hands and now he almost forgets about it. He kind of weaned himself from the BF's by just forgetting about it. :) I thought it would be hard since he absolutely refused the bottle - but he has been super easy! I am suprised it's harder for you now that she's on solids - it got really easy for us once that started. Now all he wants to do is eat his own food. He's a little piggy at 24-25 pounds.


stefkay - June 2

Hey fefer! Yeah, it got harder because she doesn't really care for solids. Even the fun finger foods she eats so little of it and we've tried EVERYTHING. She does eat though so it's not like she's starving. So yours is on regular milk now? i was wondering when I could start the switch. I've got her on bottles because she doesn't like the sippy (I know I have to get her on it soon) and I thought it mimicked the b___b enough to help her get off of it. I plan to do away with the night nursing first probably because she seems to go to bed ok some nights without nursing. When she wakes though she cries if I don't put her right on even before changing her diaper. So do you think at this point I could get by with three 6 oz formula bottles a day (bkfst, lunch and dinner) and then start transitioning to regular milk in a couple of weeks?



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