Number Of Stitches

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qwert - November 9

how many st_tches is it when doctor says i use 2 full pieces of thread?


qwert - November 9



Fabienne - November 9

errrr...don't know. do you feel you had a lot ? I know I did - they did a bad job with the delivery altogether


yeah - November 9

me too. I think he gave me that extra st_tch and I really did not need it.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

I was told I had two st_tches, but they said it involved a lot of thread.


Kathryn - November 9

I was also told I had two st_tches, but it seemed like it was a lot more than that.


qwert - November 10

would 2 st_tches require abt 10mins to do?? gynae seem to go over the same spot 3 times..


Tami - November 10

Well, I don't know how many pieces of thread they used on me, but I had 200 st_tches and it took forever for my doctor to sew me up. I felt the st_tches becuase my epidural wore off towards the end, let me tell you not a fun recovery. How are you feeling? When did you give birth?


d - November 10

I had a lot of stiches too. I remember the docotr saying that no matter how many sticthes he put I would not stopp bleeding because my skin would just tear as he's sewing. So he had to apply gauze and keep it pressed. The next couple of hours when another docotr came to remove the gauze was excruciating from epidural being gone. It took 3 weeks to heal. I agree with Tami it was not fun recovering. qwert I hope your doing well though.


qwert - November 10

thank you d. i'm fine my baby is already 6mths. but it's just that i am still curious. cos when i ask my doc how many st_tches he gave me he said not too many but i used 2 pcs of thread.. i had the e[pi but like many people i know, they didn't work. so i had a saddleblock just before the episiotomy. so didn't hurt too much. tami, 200 st_tches??!! woah... if 2 st_tches involves a lot of thread, hen what abou 200?


Brandy - November 10

I don't know how many I had, but he used 4 packs of thread and it took a little over an hour to sew up.


lisa - November 11

200!!! did you split from your v____a to your mouth???


qwert - November 12

it sure did take long ... i wonder how many st_tches is a pack though...


Farzana - November 14

Well, depends on the length of the cut, all i knew was that the surgeon hand was working like a tailor, well the stiches are no doubt enormous.



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