Nursing And Bottles

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Happymommy - June 3

Hi girls! My dd is 3 months old and I am nursing pretty much exclusively. When she was a few days old we realized that she went from bottle to br___t very easily and we usually gave her a bottle of pumped br___tmilk every night when my dh took care of her for a night feeding. After she started sleeping longer stretches, though, we quit that as it was just easier for me to get up and nurse her quick and then go back to sleep. Now, however, we realize that we haven't given her a bottle in several weeks and we have tried in the last couple of days and she will eventually take the bottle, but it is kind of a battle. It's not a major problem or anything, because I am pretty much always with her and able to nurse her, but if dh and I want to go out for a date or something, I really wish she would easily take a bottle. We are just kicking ourselves for not giving her the occasional bottle in the last couple of weeks because she did so well before. Anyways, anybody have advice on how to get her to take a bottle more easily while still nursing most of the time??


Malica - June 3

She won't take a bottle at all, or won't take a bottle from you? Babies often prefer the b___st so if you're the one trying to give her the bottle, well... she knows the real thing is *right there*. lol. Try having your husband give the bottle when you're out of sight and out of the room and see if it makes a difference.


Happymommy - June 3

Thanks Malica. We've actually tried that and she definitely takes it better from others--dh has tried it and a few others, too. I just wish she would take it better because I feel guilty and nervous to leave her because I am afraid that she will just struggle to eat! She kind of grimaces with the bottle nipple in her mouth and kind of gums it and pushes it out with her tongue and cries until she finally gets it and sucks and then she will drink a decent amount. It would just be nice if it was a more pleasant experience for her and for the person giving the bottle. Anyone else have a similar experience and have anything that worked?


kimberly - June 3

I had this problem with my oldest son. He would not take a bottle from anyone. So what I did was I would lay him on my chest skin to skin like I was nursing him and then lay the bottle on me in place of my b___st and after a little fussing and me doing this several times he started taking the bottl fine from me. He just had to get use to the different feel of the nipple.


socurbaby7 - June 3

maybe try a different bottle... or different nipples sometimes that can make a difference.. and also... when a baby is hungry... they will take it whether from a bottle or b___st ,... jus give it some time


Happymommy - June 3

Thanks ladies, I'll try both of those ideas. And I think that you're right, I just have to be patient and it will come.


britt_m - June 4

You got great advice : ). My dd was the same way, never really cared much for bottles but would eventually take them. It just became to much of a ha__sle so we rarely gave her one later on, then 8 months and beyond she refused one outright. She just hit her first birthday and has done excellant on sippy cups since 4 months (no bm only water or juice) but is now weaning herself (I'm 20 weeks pregnant.) So if you want her to take one especially as she gets a little bigger I'd definally offer it more often, haha.


cynnababy - June 4

My DD refuse bottle when I am around. But she is fine with bottles with I am away. Whenever I gave her a bottle, she will turn her head away,or use her tongue to push it away. When DH tried, she will drink a little bit, like an ounce or so. I work full time, so she has to take a bottle. She takes bottles with no problem when I am not at home. She will drink 4-5 ounces each time. But as soon as I got home, if she is still taking a bottle, she will fuss until mommy come rescue her. Try to let your DH feed her, and leave the room when it's feeding time. She will take the bottle if she can't sense you in the room. try it!



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