Nursing In Weird Positions

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Samantha1 - March 13

my dd has started standing up to nurse ... nursing sitting up just wiggling around everywhere i cant really get her to nurse long except at night all day long all she wants to do is play sumone told me its time to start weaning her cuz she is losing intrest but she is only 7 months old? Im not ready to quite yet


Samantha1 - March 13

any suggestions?


LollyM - March 13

my lo is 7 months and does the same thing. although she doesn't stand! lol. she squirms and does all that though. I just keep putting her back on the b___b and try to get her to focus by talking to her. it seems to help. I don't think there is any reason to ween them when they get squirmy, they still need the milk and she would still get distracted on the bottle anyway.


CyndiG - March 13

I agree with Lolly. Carlie is 8 months tomorrow, and she will do the same thing sometimes. I just take it away from her and put her down to play if she loses interest. If it's a time that I need her to eat, or it's bedtime, then I tell her no, and put her back down "in the position". Sometimes it's a struggle, but well worth it. :O}


Emily - March 13

Marcy did thia about hat time, heck she still doe sit. The kay I found is to feed her when she is really hungry, not just cause it is "Time" She eats better that way. Also I have had to go to a quiet room int he house. If there are too many people or the TV is on, she gets more distracted. So I go lay in on my bed with her or take her to her room and nurse her in the rocker. She does take a bottle (Usually of pumped milk, althought the stinker takes more than I can pump sometimes so she does get some formula) but anyway she takes a bottle better while she is areound others cause it is easier to look around and tke teh bottle with her as opposed to the b___st. You could give her pumped milk if you wanted or just retreat to a nicequiet and even dim room. If you know in advance you will be going somewhere that that is not going to be an option, you can deal with the sqirming or bring pumped milk or formula.....good luck. You do not hve to waen ehr if you dont want. my dd is def not ready to wean. she does squirm sometimes but I know she isn't ready as she could have jsut polished off a full bottle and as soon as I walk int he door after work, she wants to nurse. she roots around and pulls on my shirt......she is so funny. she is 9 mos next monday.....


Mellissa - March 13

Diesel does this too. he is always tossing and turning while he's nursing. what's sad is that my b___bs have no resistance.. they just go wherever he wants them to. lol. no bf in public for me. :)



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