Nursing One Side At A Time

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chrissi79 - March 12

Hello. Just wondering if your bf baby consistently nurses on both sides each feeding? my dd usually eats for about 15 mins or so but usually one side at a time. I have really fast let down,and she pees, poops and sleeps pretty well, so I'm assuming she gets more than enough. She just stops nursing and then has no interest on hitting up the other side!! lol Anyone else's lo do this?


eliz24 - March 12

My lo is 10 months and she still just b___stfeeds on one side at a time.It was tough at the begining because of being empty on one side and full on the other but later things seemed to start regulating themeselves,good luck!


chrissi79 - March 12

lol I know, yesterday I fed her then we went for a walk and by the time we got back my left side had leaked thru my b___st pad (which are pretty absorbant!!) and I was soaked all down my front!! lol Terrible


janelle - March 12

My lo has pretty much done that since she was 2 weeks old it is so nice having the fast letdown and as long as she is pooing and peeing well that is all you have to worry about.Know that she is going to be a year I nurse her from both just to make sure she is good and full befroe she goes down for the night


tinkri - March 12

My ds has only nursed from one side at a feeding since birth. He only feeds for 10 minutes and is 16lbs at 8 weeks old! As long as she pees, poops and is gaining I would consider yourself one of the lucky ones. When I asked the same question about 6 weeks ago, some moms replied that their lo took 45 minutes to eat!


Emily - March 12

My oldest did it at first but then once she was older, she would take both sides. My youngest who is nine months still only takes one side at a time. Sometimes she will hit both, but mainly just one side. Eventually you will "regulate" but if you want a quick fix, pump the other side after a feeding or cut her off one side after five minutes and then give her the other side. If she has a habit of falling asleep at the b___st (mine always did) and even after only five minutes of nursing you can't stir her to eat on the other side, change he diaper between b___sts. If it doesn't bother you, just remember which side you nursed on last (like your leaking b___st will let you forget) and use the other first next timeā€¦..


LisaB - March 12

With my ds he only nursed one side at a time and always nursed best on the left side- its best to really drain one b___st so they get the hind milk.


LisaB - March 12

Oh also wanted to say it really just depends on the baby if its working for you then it works :)


Allie - March 12

My dd is 9 months, and only nurses one side unless she has a growth spurt coming prepared for her to change her eating habits whenever that happens...


chrissi79 - March 12

Allie, yeah, my lo drains one side usually. She just had a growth spurt a few days ago, and she would eat off of both each feeding pretty much (except at night...she just fell asleep). I totally notice that!



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