O T Tailbone Broken In Labor

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kelley - September 28

Here is my story, I guess that I broke my tail bone in labor with ds (now 8 1/2 weeks) and I was wondering if anyone else out there had this happen. My OB told me that if it was still bothering me when ds was 3 months old to call him and he would re-evaluate the situation and would most likely schedule a CAT scan, but basically told me that there was nothing that he could do for me. I guess my questions are how long until I can sit down comfortably again??? If never, than does the pain get better??? What if any treatment were you offered??? If there is nothing that he can do... why go through a CAT scan??? I really just want to be able to sit down again comfortably and play with my kids or bf the baby without being in pain.


javidsgirl - September 28

my is broken didn"t know it untill i went for my 6 week follow up i went for x rays last week that confirmed it i am just taking extra streagth tylenyol cause i don"t want to take the t3"s


kimberly - September 28

I broke mine with my second baby. It hurt for a good 3 months and is still uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces now, and he is 4. They gave me a b__wn up ring to sit on, I used it for atleast 3 months.


djh - September 28

Hi, I wasn't able to get any of my babies down far enough to break my tailbone, but I did break my tailbone when I missed a very difficult move on the balance beam. I am sure you can get the picture of what happened when my foot missed after flipping through the air...ouch...Anyhow, it was definately broken and it took about 6 months before i could get up from a sitting position without severe pain. Sorry I can't give you a better time frame but perhaps because my injury was a direct a__sault on the bone itself it took longer. I found that when getting up I would EASE the repositioning of the tailbone so that it didn't "snap" back into position. Other than that it just took time and padded seats where ever I went. Good luck, these are NO fun.


sagekelli - September 28

you can buy a foam donut to sit on from walgreens for $15-20 its sturdier than the b__w up ones, it helped my tailbone pain during my pregnancy and then helped me sit in spite of my st_tches after. i hope it all gets better for you soon, i thought it was hard to get through the st_tches pain with a new baby! you ladies are tough! good luck



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