O T Question About Starting The Pill

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sara - March 20

I just had my dr switch my birth control pill from the mini pill to ortho tri cyclen. The pharmacy didn't get it filled on time and I have been a week with out pills. I have them now but haven't took one yet and AF came this morning. My question is, can I start the new pill today, or do I have to wait until next Sunday like the package says since it will be the first sunday after I started AF?


tiffani - March 20

If it were me, I would go ahead and take them. :o)


afanderson - March 20

I would call your doctor most definatly. Ortho tri cyclen is supposted to be started on a Sunday to my knowledge. You might screw yourself all up if you don't consult your doctor or atleast your pharmacy. Just my opponion.


Ca__sieSong - March 20

When I was on ortho, I was not a Sunday starter... I began taking them the day after AF arrived. My pharmacist said the company just has it starting on a Sunday and it is easier to stick with that since that is how the package is designed. I guess it is best to check with your doc though.


angiearts - March 22

You start taking it the first day of your period.


kimmysmommy - March 23

i have a question about the mini pill...while on it, do you actually get your period?? my doc prescribed it for me bc of b___stfeeding, and i am on my second pack...he prescribed it for 6 mo, and said that if i wanted to bf longer, he would give me more....but i was just wondering, this no period stuff is nice....i could get used to this....i haven't had my period since last year in april...lol...i almost forgot what it is like to get it.....thanks


kimmysmommy - March 25

anyone know????


Meredith - March 26

I dont know about the mini pill, but beware of OrthoTri Cyclen, it sucks. I really do not know why so many docs prescribe it, bc most of them will say that alot of women have problems with it. I am trying to get am IUD so I dont have to worry about that stuff anymore


Kris10 - March 26

Kimmy- I have been on the mini pill for 4 months, no period yet! It's been awesome. My dr said that some women get their period while on the pill when some don't. I guess we're the ones that don't! :)



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