October Ladies Where You At

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Ranya - December 17

I haven't been on for a while and seem to have lost touch with the other October mommies, Tonia, JB, Barb, Lisa, Shannon, Lesley, Mary, where you ladies at?


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

I'm still here. I haven't seen Mary for a while! How much do your babies weigh now? I took Ben down on Tuesday to get weighed and he was 12lb 7onz! He is down again on Tuesday for his 6 week check up. It won't be long before he is a stone.


lisa - December 17

wow lesley 12 7 your doing well, Jasmin is a little dot but me and dh are small built, or at least i was till i ate too many cakes during pregnancy!!! Im still around but others didnt seem to be so not been on as much, does anyone else worry about computor rays, i sit on the sofa feeding with my lap top next to me, it concerns me it could be unbhealthy fr jasmin


Ranya - December 17

I have no clue how much Zein weighs now, last time she saw her doctor was 3 weeks ago and she was 3.8 kg...I weighed her at home by carrying her on our digital scale and she was 4.5 kg a few days ago but who knows how accurate that is...I know she's growing because she's growing out of her clothes and dh and I measured her height to be 55.5 cm...but then again don't know if we did it properly...I wonder about the having her so close to the pc as well and the tv also...


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 17

We are quite tall me and John. Lisa, I posted to you in the last october mums thread,, didn't you see it? Was jut wondering how things are between you and youre husband now.


Justine - December 17

Sophie is still small - in the 2nd percentile - bless - at 8 pounds 3 ounzes at 8 weeks but she was 3 weeks early and is growing well. Its certainly not lack of eating. She can drink a 160ml/5 oz bottle in one go. Lesley - Glad to hear you're getting married - that's exciting.


Ranya - December 17

Hi Justine, I'm sure Sophie will catch up quickly. Zein sometimes eats really well then other times she'll sleep more. I'm b___stfeeding so I'm not sure how much, except the one time I gave her a bottle of expressed milk, she drank 100 ml (that was last week at 6 wks). Lisa, how's Jasmin, you posted elsewhere that she's sick...


lisa - December 18

Jasmin had gastro enteritis (tummy bug) but shes fine now, i think she has colic but we keep it in control with gripe water and bioled water, dh is comming back tue, he says he really missed us both and loves s both, we will see if the festivities get the better or him, drink wise ??? anyway i know i can cope on my own now, if all else fails, still need to work out the tex credit stuff though and do the forms which i havent got yet, i can barely get the washing up done never mind complicated stuff!!! jasmin is a milk monster


Lesley - December 18

They do the tax credit over the phone then send the forms out for you to sign. It's really simple. It took me about 1 minute to do, i think thats cos it was just adding a name to the claim.


Shannon - December 18

i'm still here! i've been busy the last couple days, though. speaking of.... gotta get going. family stuff


lisa - December 18

thanks lesley, ill try phone tommorow, just difficlut as dh doesnt have a job at the mo but wil be gettting one


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 18

You will need to claim Child Tax Credit if neither of you are working. Also go to the council and see if they will pay the council tax and help you with your rent or mortgage. You are onmy on maternity pay so they should help.


Marys Jaime - December 18

I am also so very busy. Lesley congrats on the future marriagee. Lisa I hope things with dh work out and that you have a happy holiday season. Ranya good to hear from you. I am very busy and Jaime is doing great, he is such a big boy, I will know in January how much weight he has gained at his 3 week check up he was 10 lb 8 oz. I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and I am b___stfeeding 50% of the time, funny enough I have milk still even though I b___stfeed every 6 to 8 hours only. Jaime has constipation but we solve it with 1/2 oz of pear juice. I am in love with my little man!


lisa - December 18

thanks girls, mary how old does jasmin have to be to have pear uice she has trouble pa__sing poos, shes almost 7 weeks


Marys Jaime - December 18

Lisa, Jaime's doctor let him drink 1/2 oz of undiluted pear juice once per day - it takes a couple of hours to work. He was 21 days old (3 weeks) when I started giving him this juice. It is the sugar in the juice that helps with constipation. Are you still exclusively b___stfeeding? Usually b___stfed babies do not have constipation. I b___stfeed him every 6 hours (I think he gets about 2 oz ) and I give him 2 oz of formula as well. When i am able to b___stfeed more often his constipation goes away.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 19

One day last week Ben had gone almost a day and a half with having no poo, which is suprising for him. He usually has at least 2 a day. I was going to take him into he doctors Iwas that worried haha! When I was getting ready to take him he pood! It went everywhere bless him. Saved me going out in the cold anyways :-)


Ranya - December 19

Hello ladies, I'm happy everyone seems to be doing better than a few weeks ago :) Things do seem to be getting easier don't you think...or I should say I'm much better at understanding what Zein needs and distinguishing between cries and b___stfeeding isn't painful anymore. Lesley, congratulations you must keep us posted regarding all the preparations and let us know if we can help in any way. Lisa, good luck with your bf, I'm sure whatever happens you'll be fine :) By the way, Lesley, are you b___stfeeding? I'm getting about 4-6 poos a day but I'm exclusively b___stfeeding. Anybody sleeping through the night? Right now I'm getting lots of coos and smiles and the colics are getting more manageable...Zein loves it when I put her on the play gym...How are your babies doing?



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