Odd Diaper Rash

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Rabbits07 - April 16

I had my baby on March 31. When he was a week old he began getting this bumpy looking rash on his bottom--mostly around his sac and in the bends of his legsand at the top of his groin. My first thought was that it was the gauze (placed on his circ) because it was in the area that the gauze covered. His dr. said it was from his bm. We've not had to use the gauze anymore since day 10, and I've been using Desitin like crazy (I'm not a desitin fan w/ newborns, but that is what dr. said to use). He's 2wks and 2 dys old now and the rash is not going away at all. I'm changing him constantly, so I know he's not in a dirty diaper too long. I even changed from Pampers to Huggies and tried using plain water and washcloth in case he was allergic to wipes or diapers. The rash isn't really on his bottom, it's mostly around the groin area so I don't think it is from bm. It is a bumpy looking rash (looks kind of like poison ivy). It reminds me of a yeast rash my other kids have had before when they were babies, but I don't know how he got a yeast rash so young. Anybody else's newborn having diaper rash problems? Does this type of rash sound familiar to anyone?


Sarahsmommy - April 16

Before you even said anything about rash I was thinking that was what it sounded like. You can use any of the over the counter anti-fungal stuff to treat it unless you want to call the doctor first.


Rabbits07 - April 16

I had heard you could use OTC anti- fungals, but I wasn't sure with him being so young. It has to be a yeast because nothing I have tried has made even a slight difference. I'm going to see if the dr. can see him tomorrow to make sure that's what it is.


C - April 16

I was going to say maybe he's allergic to the diapers. What kind of wipes are you normally using? My son has a bad diaper rash right now from being on amoxicillin. I ended up buying him that b___t paste and it's working well. Also, I put him in his pack n play after I change his diaper to let him dry out. I think the air helps it heal faster.


Rabbits07 - April 17

I had started out using the Pampers newborn because that was what they were using in the hospital. A couple of days after the rash appeared I switched to Huggies newborn and quit using wipes at all and just used plain water on a baby washcloth. After about 3 days there was no difference whatsoever, so I deducted it hadn't been the diapers or the wipes (unless he is also allergic to Huggies). I am now using the Pampers Sensitive wipes. I've also let him air out between changes...I have to lay a receiving blanket over him because he is like a geyser! I had been using Aquafor before I took him to the dr. then his dr. said use Desitin, and NOT to use A&D, but he didn't specify why. I am on my second tube of Desitin since a week ago. He doesn't act like the rash bothers him as far as burning or anything, but it looks awful.


HannahBaby - April 17

my daughter had the same rash and the doctor have me Nystatin cream.....try to get to dr to look at the rash again. I wouldent use an over the counter anything on a 2 weeks old



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