Off Brand Diapers

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Prego1 - October 24

Can someone recommend a good off brand diapers? My dd is almost 8 weeks and so far she's been using Pampers Swaddlers which are so expensive! I have tried White Cloud before but she kept wiggling herself out of it. Thanks


Seredetia - October 24

White Cloud used to give my daughter TERRIBLE diaper rash...I've used the VONS (grocery store, but I don't know if you have one where you are) brand and they are okay. I like the Luvs diapers, honestly...they're soft and cheaper. The package will be the same price, but you get more diapers per package. Their wipes are good, too.


Happymommy - October 24

I like Luv's too. The Target brand also works well.


wailing - October 25

I love the Costco brand. They are what I've found are closest to the Pampers Swaddlers (what I use). I don't think the Target brand is bad but, their sizes do run REALLY small. Ds wears 2 but when I bought their 2's, they looked like his old 1's.


excited2bemama - October 25

I like the target brand diapers.. they are half the price of the swaddlers... and they worl fine for me.. they do run a little small though. I don't like the walmart ones at all.


excited2bemama - October 25

ohhh I fogot to mention... I put my dd in pampers at night though b/c the target brand dipes can't hold 12 hours worth of pee


MNMOM - October 25

I absolutely LOVE Parents Choice at Walmart. My son is 4 months now and we have had no issues with them. Maybe when he is a toddler we will find they don't work great, but for now, I refuse to buy Pampers (which used to be my favorite!) when these work just as well. I also LOVE the Parents Choice wipes and formula.


qdogs_navywife3 - October 25

I am confused. I keep seeing on lots of forums that people think Pampers is expensive. They are what I use.... the ones in the green packages.... I dont see them as expensive. I get 70 some diapers for $9.99. Is that expensive for diapers. I have never really looked at the other brands as far as price goes.


Prego1 - October 25

gdogsnavywife - I don't see the green (Pampers)ones although I've used them before. I find them too stiff. Target is 5.67 for 56 diapers, just bought some but they are too small for dd. I got the size 1 because she's still in the weight limit. It's way too small for her! I already opened it so I'll try to use them. I haven't tried Parent's Choice yet, I use their wipes and they are great, very thick almost like Huggies.


MNMOM - October 25

NAVYWIFE- Papers swaddlers are the ones that are expensive, they come in a yellow package. The pampers babydry or whatever they are called in the green package are less expensive, but still more than generic brands.


lily10 - October 25

I tried LUVS twice and both times my daughter has had up the back explosions in them right away. At first I tried size two and they did not have the stretch sides so I didn’t like them at all, now that dd is a size 3 I thought I would try LUVS again because their size 3 and up come with the bear hug stretch sides, the first one I put on her she had an up the back explosion. She is b___stfed so she does have lots of wet poops and the only diapers that I like are pampers either the swaddlers or baby dry, both have worked well. You can usually find pampers on sale at target and lots of times the packs have a $1.50 off coupon so the next time you buy diapers you have a coupon.


suze42 - October 25

I use name brands (Huggies) until they get a little older and pee less frequently. Then I switch to Luvs.. a tip is to buy a size up...they will hold more pee... i did this instead for buying nighttime diapers.


ImpatientMommy - October 25

I used Playskool diapers (they only sell them at CVS I don't know if you have one near you) and they worked great but I usually just use swaddlers. I've heard that Costco brand diapers are like the EXACT same thing as Pampers Swaddlers.


moescrilla - October 26

FYI for those of you who have HEB grocery stores - I've been buying baby food because my hometown store was having a clearance on some, and I had heb coupons for some as well, and I got an HEB coupon for 7 dollars off HEB brand diapers. I used it, and bought more baby food that was on clearance, and got a 6 dollar off coupon. Tonight, I went and bought some more baby food on clearance (my baby is only 2 months, but they're getting rid of the stuff they're no longer going to carry, so I'm stocking up) and I got another 7 dollar off coupon! btw the diapers only cost 6.98, so I basically only pay the tax! So if you're in HEB and have some baby food coupons, give it a shot! I'm not sure if its just certain stores or all of them though.



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