Oh Crap Is This Chicken Pox

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piratesmermaid - February 28

Some of you know that my mother is currently treating Shingles, which she had on her butt during her visit with us a week ago. She did not know it at the time and held Gretchen and kissed Gretchen. Now, Gretchen is awake from her nap, and I noticed she's warm, but I dunno if it's from her nap because she was sleeping a a rather warm outfit and it got warm inside today unexpectedly. So I stripped her down and I see bumps all over her back!!! It doesn't look like p___kely heat, which she's gets from time to time, but zit-like bumps spread out across her back from her shoulders to her diaper. I've also noticed a couple smaller bumps on her elbows, which I originally thought was related to dry skin, so I put Aveeno on her arms. She is also scratching her belly and chest an awful lot. I don't know what I'm going to do if it is chicken pox. I was 6 when I had it, and dh was 7yrs old when he had his, so us getting it isn't a problem....


Hi - February 28

I thought chicken pox bumps were blisters?Are the bumps filled with fluid?My oldest son got it at 4 1/2 months old .He got about 5 or 6 blisters total and never got it again.If they do by chance turn into blisters you can get that calimine sp? lotion to help with itching.Maybe a trip to the doc. might help ease your mind and let you know what your dealing with.You can do a search on the net for pictures of chicken pox.Might help also to see some.Gl and take care.


piratesmermaid - February 28

I've googled some pictures and it looks like it could be the beginning of it. They kinda look like zits right now, with a sprawling red spot underneath.


LisaB - February 28

Call your ped


3babies - March 1

What you are describing sounds right, they dont sort of blister straight away. Good luck! If she does have it some tepid pinetarsol baths and antihistamine (on paed's advice) will help get her through the worst of it.


julieB - March 1

I hope it is not chicken pox, but when my son was about 5 months I noticed some red bumps on my ds neck.. When I went out to eat I took him to the bathroom to change him and discovered they were all over his groin and stomach.. I turned him around and he was covered.. Of course my dh said we cant do nothing now but to eat and maybe take him to the hospital.. I called a good friend of mine, she had a huge daycare ranging all ages, and she told me it is most likely baby excema, as long as it was no temp. involved.. Not to worry too much.. My ds did not have a temp, thank God.. After a day or so it was gone.. Very weird.. My friend told me babies get the darnest things... I hope your little one is ok...


piratesmermaid - March 1

We've fought excema in the past, it's just never gotten so bad that we saw spots, no fever, so it could be exema coming back... It looks tons better this morning. I can't even see most of the bumps that were there yesterday afternoon.


Emily - March 1

If it is looking better, it is most likely not chicken pox. So I bet that is a relief. Did you guys get any storms last night? We had my thunderstorms. The scary thign is we had torando sirens go off close by. Never here though, thank goodness. Tornados freak me out. I am fasinated by them, but they freak me out. Plain jane t-storms I like, torandos are bad.....anyway hope Gretchen is all better.


piratesmermaid - March 1

We're still under a tornado watch until 2pm. It didn't really start storming until about a 1/2 hour ago. aurorabunny got it bad though. She spent the night in her in-laws' bas____nt because there were several tornado warnings around her area. I hope she's okay....


Hana - March 1

Oh poor baby...sounds pretty aweful, but im sure she'll be ok. I'm not looking forward to when ds gets it coz ive not had CP nor shingles before...in fact i never had anything ever:( its gonna come biting me in the b___t lol


Emily - March 1

hana, you may think about the chicken pox vaccination for you! do they give it adults!? Be careful if you get it though, it tends to be worse on adults, especialy males for some reason!



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