Oh God Another Baby Dream

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mosley12 - February 21

i just woke up about 10 minutes ago from a little catnap, and while i was asleep i had a baby dream! i know i cant be pregnant because i started this morning, after being 5 days late! in the dream, my ds, whos about 4 months, was running around, looked like he was about 4 yrs old, asking where his baby was, than i was in a hospital with all my family, and all of dh's family around us, and the next thing i knew, my dh was holding a baby and saying " everyone, id like you to meet pierce michael"!!!! we are wanting to wait til cayden is about 3 to start trying, and have him be 4 when the next baby is born...so maybe its a sign?? lol


Emily - February 21

I agree, a sign that you and dh will work things out and get together to have a lil bro or sis for your lo!


flower.momma - February 21

Haha, I am going through the EXACT same thing! I am hopefully going to test today. i have been having my pregnancy dreams too, and this mroning I almost threw up. If I was pregnant... oh man, I would be happy. But I would be just as happy to NOT be pregnant.


Rabbits07 - February 21

I once had a dream that I had given birth and didn't even remember being pregnant, the birth or anything! Thankfully that didn't happen...lol. I do believe that dreams hold meanings and alot of times our life experiences, wants and desires will manifest in them but can't always be taken literally. Sometimes they are literal though and you just have to sift through and put some thought into it...or you can just wait and see..lol.


CyndiG - February 21

Pierce Michael is a GREAT name! Very masculine! You have to get back together and have him now. It would be a shame to waste that name!


LollyM - February 22

It could be a prophetic dream! Seriously, I have had a few. It's how I knew my baby would be a girl too =) Do you have allot of "intuitive" people in your fam? it tends to be a family trait =)


mosley12 - February 22

lol cyndig...im actually planning on going home sometime next week, probably friday or so. and i do love the name pierce michael...i have no idea where it came from...we know if we have another boy we want his middle name to be michael because its both our dads names (our ds now, his middle name is Dh's middle name and my maiden name!) but no idea where the pierce came from. i told dh about my dream and the only thing he said was i like that name..lol..but this might sound bad, but i dont really want another boy..i was a little girl and be done, but if we have a boy, we have to go for a girl..i mean, i'll love the boy just as much...but still..lol..when i went to New orleans this last summer, as a joke i had my palm read, and you couldnt really tell i was pregant. i was only like 4 months along and in the fat stage, but the lady was like your having a boy now (this was befor i found out) your next one will be a boy, and your third and last will be a little girl...so when ifound out it was a boy i was like what! lol..even thought she had a 50/50 chance...but ok, im done rambling now. ds for some reason has started waking during the night and getting up for the morning at about 5:30 so im losing it



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