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Tanaja - February 23

My prayers are all I have because my dd has gotten into this WONDERFUL HABIT of waking up and not going back to sleep for HOURS at a time. I mean COME ON ALREADY it is 1am and this has continued since midnight. This is going to be what kills me I'm almost positive, I'll write you from the grave =)


LollyM - February 23

Oh my, I remember when my lo did that! It was killer! and she was only 2 months old, so she was way too young to cio so all we could do was stay up with her. How old is yours? I really do feel for you! I used to put mine in a swing and dose on the couch for a bit!


Tanaja - February 23

She is 8 months. I'm chalking it up to the 4 teeth that have decided to come in all at once. Still it's 2am and she will not go to sleep.............unfortunately she grew out of her swing loooong ago. I am soooooooo not going to have a good day tomorrow!


eclipse - February 23

Hi Tanaja, it is 4 am and I've been up with my son since 2:30. He has really bad acid reflux so I usually am up all night with him, sometimes until noon. I haven't had a psychotic episode yet, but I'm right there. :) I thought I would make you feel a little better, that you are not the only nocturnal mommie out there...sigh...


Emily - February 23

8 mos, huh. Mine did that last night, she is eight months. she got up to eat (She still does that!) and wouldn't go back down. Plus I had a two yea old screaming for me in the other room. I am not sure what is up with her, but she is not feling well and trying to cut a molar. Marcy (my 8 mos old ) is cutting teeth too, but she ha snever been in such a craby mood as Mary (my two yea old.) All I can say is, it will get better. Then it will get worse again! lol! got to love parenthood. Maybe the two of us could find a generous soal to wtach our kids and we can catch 6 hours of uninterupted sleep! oh hell who am I kidding, 4 hours would be good!


3babies - February 23

I had to read this thread as my one of my girlfriends is the only person I know who says that (OMDL) which I love ... My bubs were all great sleepers, but tonight my 6 yo and 7month old are sleeping soundly but I have been up with a vomiting 4 yo, such fun!....


lin7604 - February 23

well it's nice to know i'm not alone! mine is 4 months 2morrowand the has been doing the same for almost 2 weeks now. When 5:30 comes he wakes to eat ( as he has always done since i can remember) and won't go back to sleep. last week he even did that at 2:30 am a few time? why do they do this? arn't they just as tired!


soon2bemomof3 - February 23

my ds did that for about the first month we had him and now he is 3 mos. old and wakes up to eat and falls right back asleep. I hope it continues this way. he was waking up about every 2-3 hours up until 3 nights ago, now it's about every 4-5 hours (ahhhhhh!!!) but i feel like it's a c___p shoot, maybe he'll sleep, maybe he won't & my 2 y/o is like that sometimes too, she'll wake up at 5am to play. Ughhh. I know how it feels!!!!


mandee25 - February 23

Last night my 13 week old ds got up to have his 3am feed and had me up for 2 hours which is not normal!!! He just didn't want to go back to sleep and stay there. Usually he has a bottle at around 11, another at 3 and then he might go until 7 for his morning bottle. The other night he went 8 hours without eating (5 of it sleeping) and I thought that was great but knew it wouldn't last! I don't have your problem Tanaja but I sure do feel for you. Sleep is precious when you can get it!



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