Oh My Poor Little Girl

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lexa - January 12

I really need to vent here. Well, my dd started having problems with her acid reflux recently again. Two weeks ago, she got really constipated and couldn't poo. She tried and tried. Her poor little bum was cracked/bleeding from trying to go, so under advice of ped, we did the glycerin suppository/ karo syrup to get her back on track. Well, the karo seemed to bother her stomach so I gave her 2 oz of water. She was doing good until she had 2 mucous bm's tinged with blood (I freaked). She then caught the virus that was going around (vomiting/diahrrea) and had that for 2 days. Well, then the acid reflux started on her right from there. She had the projectile vomiting and would stop breathing for a few seconds and face turns beat red (it seems likes minutes). We finally saw a specialitst yesterday. Meanwhile, the ped was telling me it may just be a "protein allergy". Protein allergy my ass! She's been on Soy for 3 months! It's the reflux! So, the specialist confirmed reflux (duh) and said unfortunately it will get worse before better. Are you freakin kidding me? It's gonna get worse? So all we can do is try to keep her comfortable so when she does reflux, it won't bother her as much. She added an extra dose of Zantac per day and we need to thicken every feeding with rice cereal (which doesn't fly with her at all). She said it peaks from now (3 months) to 5 months of age. Great! She took many samples of her poo to check for everything under the sun from bacterial to virul infections. Um okay....so now I can sit her and fret over her "poo work". I feel so bad for her! Over 2 weeks of calling the ped constantly (and I mean constantly and not happily) and fighting with them while she is very uncomfortable! I ache for her because she is such a happy baby until the evening when the day has just worn on her and she is in discomfort! UGH! Im sorry for the long novel ladies! I just needed to "yell"!


sahmof3 - January 12

Poor baby. That sounds so awful and painful!! Hopefully Bonnie will see this post... she's BTDT, too.


aurorabunny - January 12

SOO sorry you're going through this. =( Is there any way your ped is willing to try something besides Zantac? My son had severe reflux and the Zantac didn't do any good for us at all. He's been a whole different baby though since they put him on prilosec a couple months back. I've talked to several moms that said Zantac didn't really work for them. Maybe that would be something to try??


lexa - January 12

I wish he would! He actually had her on Reglan with the Zantac, but she started to have an opposite reaction to it. And funny thing is he stopped it when he referred us to the GI specialist. She said it was because they don't use Reglan and they don't like it for the reflux! Nice huh! We were switched to Alimentum formula. The specialist thinks that between that formula, thicker feeds and the extra dose it will get a little better. I hope so! We were doing so great on the Zantac/Reglan until recently! We just made the changes, so hopefully over the weekend we will see a difference. If not, I will be back to the phones!!! And please don't p*ss me off when it comes to the health/happiness of one of my babies!!! LOL! So let's pray this change works for now. And speaking of Bonnie...where are you? Thank you ladies!


EMBERBABY - January 13

lexa, my lo also suffered from SEVERE acid reflux, arching her back, turning beet red, the whole nine. Well zantac did nothing for her. Prevacid is what worked for us. Good luck to you and hope your baby gets better.


lexa - January 13

Well,some good news (hopefully its not temprary). My dh called to say that she wasn't so fussy last night as she has been:-) She was eating a little more than usual with using a little less cereal than they recommended (we have to work up on the cereal) and she only spit up once. YEAY! (Im at work all night on Fridays). So hopefully this round of their suggested treatment will work. We do go back for shots in a couple of weeks so well see. If we start with problems again, I will definitely talk with them about switching the Zantac. Lets pray that this works! Thank you ladies!



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