Oh My Poor Little Guy Suggestions Please

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Gavinsmom - February 20

My lo will be 1 month (oh my, already?!?!) on Thursday...Dh and I both are getting over bad colds. Well, now my little guy has a runny nose and is having a hard time breathing through it b/c of the congestion. Is there anything I can do to help him? I run a humidifier at night. It just breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable. Please help us! Thanks! ~Kim~


ry - February 20

I would put a pillow under his mattress to prop his head up and bring him in the bathroom when you guys take a shower. You can put some saline solution in his little nose too to break up mucous. Poor little guy!


Gavinsmom - February 20

Ry-Thanks for responding so quickly! I think I saw something called Little Noses. I think it is saline, but not sure. I'll have to pick some up. I just wasn't sure what is safe to give him. Thanks again! :)


Emily - February 20

yep I believe little noses is saline, just make sure it is pure saline. Use it and suction his little nose. continue with the humidfier and the shower thing is good too as it puts off more steam and mosture. Also let him sleep as upright as possible to help with breathing. I can't really come up with naything that ry didn't suggest. Good luck


kellens mom - February 20

I would call to ask a ped about using "baby vicks". I know it is great for little ones, but I don't know if 1 month is too little!


KLC - February 20

I miss aaron being that little. He's a year next month. Little noses is great and infant tylenol (check with your pedi about dosage as it goes according to weight) for any fever or discomfort. The humidifier is great but I don't think he is old enough for the vicks yet though. Also Ry gave great advice about the pillow under the mattress and the steam from the shower. One other thing my pedi used to tell us is that while he is having trouble sleeping and being stuffy sleeping upright is best for them so letting them sleep in the carseat carrier at this age is ok until he is over the cold symptoms. Most importantly be sure that if symptoms don't improve in 3-5 days to get him in for a checkup. Good luck and keep us posted:)



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