Oh No

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Jenn - January 22

I think I am pregnant again......I thought that I was just tired from school and kids, etc. But, I have been having cramping ( about two months) -I have yet to start my period postpartum-my son is 7 months. I have had headaches this past week-for the past several nights I have been getting up like 5 times to pee-and I was nausious this morning. I have been so busy that it just dawned on me today that I feel pregnant...we haven't been using any contraceptives-and I am really concerned that I am..........guess I need to dig out my van and go to the store..............


EMBERBABY - January 22

Take the pregnancy test first, don't panic you might not be. Keep us posted.


LisaB - January 22

Is it a good or bad thing if you are? Keep us posted


EMBERBABY - January 22

I was wondering the same thing LisaB, but judging by her t_tle I must a__sume she'd rather not be.


piratesmermaid - January 22

Take the test and keep us posted. I too have had a scare already (dd is 6months) but it turned out to be stress-related.


Rabbits07 - January 22

Yeah, just test before you psych out about it ;-) There have actually been a couple of times since I had Mason that due to symptoms such as peeing alot at night and nausea (plus abnormal periods) that I thought, well maybe I might be pregnant. Both times though it turned out not...I guess it was only stress or something. We use pull out so even though we weren't like trying or anything I knew it was still a remote possibility so worth testing. Since you haven't been using any contraceptive I'd definitely test...if you're far enough along to be getting all those symptoms it should pick it up. If you live in the vicinity of Dollar General or Dollar Tree they have the tests for $1 that are sensitive as low as 20 on the hcg levels. Better to test now so you can start taking good care of yourself. Good luck! Keep us posted...I hate to be left hanging on these things...lol.


ry - January 22

It seems like all of us have had a scare since having our babies and most of us turned out not to be. I know I had one! Well good luck to you, either way!


Kara H. - January 22

Yep, I thought I was too. Felt just like it and even skipped 2 periods. I was freaking out thinking that the timing was all wrong. Then the test was negitive and much to my surprise, I was a little sad that I didn't see two purple lines. I guess I just don't know what I want. :)


Jenn - January 22

well, I don't want to be pregnant right now-I start my clinicals this spring and its hard right now with 2 kids, but I fear that having a third may postpone things and I am suppose to graduate next year-so I hope that I am not. I am probably just freaking out- I am going to go get a test so I will post tomorrow and let you all know. Its just easier discussing these things with other ladies that have been there, rather than calling dh and saying "I feel pregnant" cause he would have a heart attack :) And, ask stupid questions like "what do you mean 'feel pregnant?'" Ya know? Maybe it is stress related-I have been stressed lately. and I feel like I am going to get AF at any minute!!!!


ash2 - January 22

I had this scare too ! I was like 3 days late, but had all the symptoms of it really early. I would just get one of those cheap ones and take it. It will ease your curiosity.


Rabbits07 - January 23

So? What did it say????


lexa - January 23

Ooooh, inquiring minds want to know???


EMBERBABY - January 24

Jenn?.......Jenn? You think she moved to the 1st trimester forum? LOL


Lalla - January 24

good luck Jenn - I was late 2 days this last cycle so I freaked out alittle bit - so I went back to count the days of all my cycles since my af came back after the birth of my dd - It turned out that I was late 2 times - both times my MIL was in town!! I guess I get alittle affected when she comes to visit - she is nice now, but we have had a not so good past. Just thougth I share because it was kind of funny to me!


Lalla - January 24

how did the test turn out?


Jenn - January 25

Hey ladies-Sorry that I haven't replied, the test was negative-no eriod either. But I am pretty confident that it is correct. I think that its just stress. Our computer crashed and we hooked up our old one and then the monitor went out. We got our computer back last night but the modem needed hooked up so I had to wait for dh to get home. :( sorry so long but thanks for the responses!!



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