Oh No Baby Fell Off A Futon

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monica - October 31

I left caleb on a futon sofa while I went to go and get his bottle.....suddenly I heard him yell and cry like never before and when I ran back to the living room he had rolled over and was on the floor. I had a heart attack as you can imagine. Both of us were crying.....has this happened to anyone else? what signs should I look for? should I call the doctor? he is seems fine now and drank his bottle but I am hoping this will not have any long term affect. I am so stressed now. I feel like a horrible mother.


BBK ® © - October 31

omg I hope he's OK... he should be. How did he fall? on his face or back? You mostly have to worry about head injury and concussions, as they are the hardest to detect, but if he doesn't seem disoriented (hard to tell with a baby) and is not vomiting, he's probably fine. I'd call the doctor anyway though


monica - October 31

when I found him he was on his back. La__st night he finally rolled over I should of known better....good thing it was our futon and not our regular couch. He seems OK smiling, talking but I think I will stress out about. I will probably call the adivise nurse in a bit.


Michelle - October 31

My daughter has fallen several times. It just happens sometimes. Doesn't make you a bad mother, just have to be real careful and watch them. After they fall, keep them up for an hour, dont let them sleep. That is always what I have been told.


Lisa*9 - October 31

Read this thread http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-OMG_-pg113047539718/ I asked my dr about falls and I posted in this thread about falls. Hope this helps,I am sure Caleb is fine. By the way my three year old is named Caleb his brother called him cleba in the hospitalinstead of Caleb,his brother is two years older


chelsey - October 31

when Hailey dropped her toy on Gabriels head, I was told to watch him for six hours. After 6 hours if nothing has changed, he's good to go. Make sure to check on him, if he's sleeping every 40 min. -an hour. Watch for vomitting and if he has any bumps on his head, make sure they aren't squishy or too hard. I hope your little guy is okay, if he's smiling and seems back to normal, he should be just fine. However, just keep an eye on him,


monica to Lisa*9 - October 31

I tried to open the thread and took out the dashes but could not get to it. Can you please check the address again. thanks


here - October 31

Name: Lisa*9 | Date: October 28, 2005, 11:14 Answer: I asked my dr... When doees or how do you know if your child needs medical attention from a fall, he said Most of the time if they fall below there heightthey are usually ok, baby's and kids bounce back sooner then you think. When you child does fall calm them down , look for any movement which might hurt them, and monitor them for 24 hrs if in doubt go see a dr out ,if you think ther is something serious wrong after a child cannot calm down. Hope this helps.


monica - October 31

thanks everyone I called the advise nurse and they booked me an appointment today at 10:30. I keep everyone posted.


Lisa*9 - October 31

Thanks to here for posting for me.


CEM - October 31

Hi monica. First of all, relax. You're not a bad mother, it happens to the best of us. The same thing happened to me with my first when my mom was babysitting him and he was fine. Just keep an eye on him that he doesn't sleep for too long, and acts like himself when he is awake. My second also used to fall off the bed all the time when we were sleeping together, and is alive and well today. So don't be so hard on yourself. :)


mommy of 2 - October 31

Here's my horror stories(yup thats plural!) You will feel better about yourself, believe me. I was grocery shopping with my first son when he was about 5 or 6 wks old, and I had his carseat in the basket where the groceries go. I was walking across the parking lot when the front flap swing gate thingy flipped open, and dumped my son out onto the pavement with his car seat on top of him. We were both hysterical, standing in the parking lot screaming. The owners of the store were really good friends of mine thank goodness, and brought us inside and called the hospital for me. Chase was fine, but I was a paranoid nervous wreck for a while. My second son, even though he is only 5 1/2 wks old, knows how to inchworm his way around when he is on his belly. He was on our couch sleeping, and I walked into our bedroom. Just as I walked into the room, I heard a "thump, WAAAAAA!" I ran out, and he had scooted himself right off the couch. So now he doesn't sleep on the couch anymore. He was fine by the way, babies are kinda bouncy for those reasons!


Heidi - October 31

Ha ha! OMG! When do they start rolling over? My 3 wk old can inchworm her way across her pack in play and ba__sinet and my bed and I'm starting to be more careful when leaving her on the couch for a few minutes or my bed!!!! She's my first baby so I'm just waiting for me to be to carefree and find her laying on the floor some day screaming!


monica - November 1

well mine started rolling over at 3 months...Now everytime you put him on his back he wants to roll over. The doctor saw him and all seems fine. I have learned my lesson.


karine - November 1

well i think he will be fine, but maybe you should call a Dr. to make sure. a person i babysate for, this summer, decided to leave her 4-5month old baby girl, on the table while she fetch a diaper...well...the baby fell off..and was full of blood..they panicked! called the ambulance.....thank god the baby was toatlly fine. i just dont know why people leave their babies on table un attended.????? (not talking about you monicaLol)


monica - November 1

Hi Karine I posted right above you. I mentioned I had taken tha baby to the doctors and everything seems fine so far. Thanks


TC - November 1

Well, I am too ashamed and embarra__sed to share this story with my family but I will tell it to you guys. Last week I fell asleep on the couch holding my 2 month old in my arms. i heard a loud thud and realized that it was my baby who hit the floor. He did not cry at all, he just had the meanest confused look on his face. As shaken and sorry as i was I had to laugh because of that face. I kept him up for an hour and a half and he was fine. We moms are going to hurt our babies and we are still going to be great moms. Don't worry every good mother has a child that falls. It is apart of life. My mother dropped my brother when he was 2 days old in the hospital!!! The nurses came in and checked him and then they checked my mother because she was hysterical. She was in worst shape than my brother was!! LOL!! As my husband always says, "Good thing they don't remember all of this stuff when they grow up."



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