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Christophers-DawnC - January 23

My lil man is 14wks old. We said we were going to try not to give him a paci BUT when we were still in the hosp he put his thumb in his mouth. I said NO WAY. So we gave him a nuk pacy because I brestfeed. Well the last few weeks I think he is teething. He drools so bad and was knawing on his fist and hand. BUT the last 2 days he has been sucking thumb. I have not noticed it in his sleep just during the day. As soon as I see him, I give him his pacy. Is there anything I can do to prevent him sucking his thumb. He only wants his paci if he is tired or sleepy and soon as he is asleep the paci falls out.


Heidi - January 23

Emma started doing the same thing. She used to take a paci and over the last week she spits it out and takes her thumb instead and drools terribly and gnaws on her fists. She's started gagging herself too. I don't think there's much you can do. I let her suck on her thumb. She's at that age and it must be comforting to her and I read it's totally normal. It doesn't mean she'll do it later in life. Lots of babies suck thumbs. I was fine with it cus I hate loosing her paci and washing it off all the time. Now in bed she can suck her thumb and fall back asleep.


Heidi - January 23

I forgot to add, she likes her thumb so much that when she's nursing she tries squeezing her thumb in there too and I have to keep pulling it away. Ha ha!


Christy - January 23

Ben doesn't suck his thumb (yet) but like Emma, he does try to stick it in his mouth while nursing. What's up with that? My 11 week old just sucks his fist and hand a lot and refuses the paci. If he starts to suck his thumb, I am going to leave it be until he is a little bigger. I don't think it is a big deal (orthodontically or otherwise) until they are beyond the age of two, I think. I read something about it in "What to Expect in The First Year." I'll look it up and let you know what it says exactly.


sye - January 23

i would try to encourage the pacifier over the thumb because when your son is ready, it will be much easier to ween him from the pacifier than from the thumb...when i was a youn'n i stopped sucking my thumb after my 2 front teeth grew in and my teeth grew into an huge over bite and had to wear braces....


mama-beans - January 23

What's the big deal with thung sucking?? Baby is just soothing himself.... and that is a GOOD thing! I would MUCH rather a thumb sucker then a paci user... and BOTH can cause tooth problems if over-used... but toddlers are more likely to spend every waking moment with a paci in their mouth then their thumb.. they are using their hands for other things! Let your child self soothe... MUCH better then being dependent on an artificial means. I could be biased.. I had a hard childhood.. sucked my thumb ( to go to sleep only) till I was 10. DID need braces... but so did my other 3 siblings, sho did NOT suck their thumbs. I was never buck toothed, etc.. braces had nothing to do with thumb sucking. Just set rules with it just like you would with a paci... only OK when going to sleep.


keeks - January 23

Hi Dawn,Likely your little guy like the feel of skin (b___stfeeding babies normally do).Jordan did the same thing. He sucked his thumb and I also worried about him being a grown man sucking his thumb(bad thoughts...lol) Turned out he just going through a stage. He stopped sucking his thumb very quickly.Likely your son will do the same. Take care


Christophers Dawn C - January 23

Thanks yall! I will just let it be and see what happens


CEM - January 23

With all due respect Dawn C, I don't really see the big deal with either! Babies have a natural desire to suck and need to have that need met (I've heard 6 hours a day, could be wrong though...). We would never dream of not feeding them or carrying them so why do we try to deny them one of their needs, and most likely pleasures? I sucked my thumb and turned out fine (no bucked teeth either), my son had a pacifier which I took away at 2 and-a-half years (his teeth are perfect), and my other son never sucked his thumb or used a pacifier and he was a very fussy, cranky baby. Not saying there's a connection, but who knows? I don't see it as a problem, in fact, I think we should accept that babies are very orally fixated and let them exercise the right to indulge. : )


Erin - January 23

As a Dental Hygienist we get asked questions about this all of the time.....as long as your child does not suck their thumb (or finger)by the time they are getting their permanent teeth, they will be fine. It is easier to ween a child from a pacifier, but whatever soothes them best. My daughter uses a pacificer, but sucks her thumb when she is being changed or in the tub sometimes. It's what makes her feel comfortable, so I'm OK with it...she's only 5 months!! Good Luck!


Christophers-DawnC - January 23

CEM I dont really have a problem with either! BUT my brother sucked his thumb and wouldnt spend the night away from home because he was embarresed. He wouldnt suck it on purpose as soon as he was sleepy or asleep it was in his mouth. It was very hard to stop. I think the last time he woke up and he had done this, he was 13!!!!!!! I just think the pacy would be easier to break the habit. I let him do both now but try to put the pacy in when I see the thumb


CEM - January 23

Fair enough, Dawn C! That would be embarra__sing, sucking your thumb at 13!!!! I can see why you choose the pacifier over the thumb then. Mind you, your baby might end up 13 years old at camp with a soother in his mouth! (Joke). You do what you feel is right!


Jenn... - January 23

If you are concerned that your baby will develop a thumb sucking dependancy don't worry. The best thing to prevent this is allow him/her to suck on both a paci and thumb/fist/hand. A baby that is allowed to use both is less likey to devlop a dependacy on either.



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