Oh Soooo Sad

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Angiconda - January 28

So ds starts daycare tomorrow because I had to go back to work. I am just so sad I have been home with him for almost 6 months and not I have seperation issues lol. We found an in home daycare and we really like the woman but that doesn't make leaving my little guy any easier I just want to cry and DH can't really understand, all he says yes it will be hard it might even be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. So I thought maybe if he dropped ds off for the 1st day maybe it would be a little easier but he disagreed and said he couldn't do it. Gosh I am so sad I am practically in tears sitting here thinking about it. It is just that no one will take care of our los like we will. I am sure he will be fine and it is probably for the better and so on but I just don't know how I am going to cope. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone ever been through this?


jillianT - January 28

hi. i just replied to a post from someone else about the same sort of thing. i'll bump it up for you. it really helped me to have dh drop dd off. i feel for ya.


jillianT - January 28

nevermind. i see you found it.


Keli - January 28

why would hubby not do it??? thats not fair. good luck to you... 6 mos is a long time to have with your baby.


ash2 - January 28

Personally i would want to drop him off myself so you can go over there for about 30 min early and get adjusted for him and you and run through with the lady anything you may have not mentioned.


bekysu - January 28

You will be thankful to drop them off when they become a toddler and you have a newborn baby at home, Ha, Ha! No, I love my children and it was hard for me at first. But...now I see it as a place where my daughter has friends and has learned things that sadly, I can't do...Good Luck.


Angiconda - January 29

Well I got dh to do it so I think that made it a little easier but we will see.


sophandbob - January 29

I know exactly how you felt, but it does get easier. My advice is don't look back. I did this and saw tris and his child minder at the window watching me go. That was horrible and I sobbed.


shelly - January 29

when i left my first ds i started it gradually over a week and just left him for an hour at first then increased it, and so on,it is very hard tho, you do both adjust to it but its that intial 1st week.



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