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In The Mood For Love! - September 1

Cue the corny p___n music! Tonight I'm gonna get me some! Haven't had s_x in like 3 months! First, too pregnant, then c-section followed by constant bleeding, then period! Now that is all out of my way, I'm ready for some lovin'!!! Isn't hubby gonna be surprised! Sorry, this is too much information! Had to share, because... I'M SO EXCITED!!! Think I'll go get some cheap wine......!!!!!


jc - September 1

LOL Good for you! Have fun!!!


chelsey - September 1

I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!! Can't wait for my day to come!!! lol!


Lisa*9 - September 1

You have one sorry H*** of an imagination. Hope it last for months not minutes. LMAO


... - September 1

my s_x drive is non existent. what do I do?


In The Mood For Love - September 2

Well, so much for that freakin' idea! Here I am, ready and willing... where's the hubby? Who knows! At the bar getting p__sed with his buddies! He staggers in at 2 am, then tries jumping me! What a f*cking c*nt! Needless to say, he got nothing! Then he gets up at 7am, pucking and a horrible headache. His truck is somewhere downtown (atleast he didnt drive), and he doesn't know why I'm so p__sed! Should've bought a d____o instead of the wine!


Narcissus - September 2

HAHA!! Make sure it's Franzia (wine in a box) and set it next to your bed. Between orgasms, you can fill your wine gla__s under the convenient spout. :P


Jamie - September 2

Oh, I'm so sorry...maybe tonight will work out better for you?


Narcissus - September 2

Sorry also. I did not see your update... What a jerk. Buy a d____o and wine for next time.


ITMFL - September 2

Narcissus, I think I'll buy the wine in a box, and keep it by the bed ALL the time! Sorry Jamie, not tonight! I'm still p__sed, besides he'll probably get home from work ,and go straight to bed! He's a mess today! Serves him right! (and he still hasn't got the wrath from me yet!)


Peanut - September 2

Ha! Too Funny! I can't believe you waited 3 months! I hope you both helped each other out in other ways during those three months.........thats a long long long time to wait ;)


ITMFL - September 2

I helped him out, I wasn't exactly in the mood! Serves ME right , I guess! Thats what happens when you hold out!


Peanut - September 2

I hear ya! Been there and done that! Just go to an adult store (baby and all), buy a good vibrator, some wine, a bath, your all set! Who needs a man ;)



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