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mandyrenfro - February 27

woo hoo, after 5 weeks of every two hours feeding a crying baby, my son has slept since 8:30 pm, its now just after midnight, going strong so far. i dont think we'll make it through the night, but i got a shower and have been able to catch up on my e-mails. wow. its wierd having me time, its been a rare occurrance since christmas (when dr put me on house-rest) and even less often since he was born in Jan! Are we on the track to all nighters, or at least once a night, instead of 3 times a night?! I hope so


MJM - February 27

Isn't it a wonderful thing when they sleep so much? I have been lucky with my children. They have Slept "through the night" since about 3 wks old. It is a hard hurdle but once things get started it seems a little easier. I think my son is going through a growth spert right now. He will be 8wks on Wednesday, and almost all day yesterday and all night last night he has did nothing but sleep. He was maybe awake just a few hours. Very unlike him. He usually sleeps all morning until about noonish, with one feeding around 9:30. Then he is kind of a doser between noon and 5ish. Like those quick little 15 minute naps. Then he is awake from 5 until about 8:30 or 9pm. He then sleeps until about 4. When he started doing this I did not know what to do with the time. I would look at the house and say no way, I need to do something for me. On the days that i dont want to do anything around the house, I just tell the dh that man DJ just would not sleep today, or he was so fussy. Not that he would really care if I just did not feel like doing anything around the house. It is very hard to clean the house when all of a sudden you have this "me" time. It is a great thing and congrats!!!


Ca__sieSong - February 27

It took my dd 10 weeks to finally sleep through the night. I know the medical term for that is 5 hours... but for me, it means at least 6 hours! Starting at 9 weeks, she began sleeping in 5 hour stretches... but since week 10, she has gone as far as 9 hours without waking up!!! woo-hoo! She still hates to nap during the day though.


AmandaManns - February 27

See my pediatrician told me that sleeping through the night was sleeping past 6 a/m. He said anything past 6 a/m was sleeping through the night. Well my little guy goes down around 10 and wakes up at 7 so he does sleep through the night. He will be 10 weeks tomorrow but has been doing this since he was 7 weeks.


Maggie - February 27

My pediatrician told me that if I want my 3 week old daughter to sleep for a 5 hour stretch, than I should give her a 5 ounce bottle before putting her down. It has worked like a charm and she will sleep from about 3:00am to 8:00am which is a beautiful thing. I slept less than 5 hours a night when I was in college so I'm doing pretty well handling this.


jg - February 27

I found that every time my son slept longer, I was awake and racing in to keep checking him, thinking that something was wrong! So it took a while for me to be able to sleep as long as he did! Luckily my son is a great sleeper and apart from last night when he woke at 3.30am for a bottle and a cuddle, he has slept through from about 3 months (8pm'ish to 7-8am'ish)! Love that sleep!!!


Sian1 - February 27

I agree with jg! When ever my son sleeps longer than he usually does I am always in and out of his room checking that he is ok, therefore I still have a lousy sleep!Cant wait until he's older(he's 4mths now) so i can relax a little. Its great though when he sleeps for a long time during the day, I can actually get a few things done!lol


Meredith - February 28

I had to check on my dd tonight bc she did not make a peep to fall asleep. She usually wants me to put her pacifier in a couple times before she drifts off. She had shots today, and has been so sleepy...but she still smiled alot when she was awake, and was not cranky, so shes okay. She is sleeping 6-8 hours all the time now, and has been since 6-7 weeks.



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