Ok I Will Laugh Later But Am FREKING Out Now

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ry - March 8

I am cleaning my bathroom and have dd playing on the floor by me. I just looked at her and she is eating and sucking on a used, disgusting cottonball that I used for my proactive astringent!!! I am freaking do I need to call poison control (I know probably not) but what should I do? I am gonna call her ped now!


KLC - March 8

Aaron had a used Qtip the other day when I was in the shower if it makes you feel any better!!! I would just get a wet washcloth and wipe the inside of her mouth. I'm sure she'll be fine.


3babies - March 8

Ok ... disclaimer here, I'm a mum of 3 ... so no I wouldnt do the poison panic thing. Try to wipe out her mouth and give her a little water ... I can tell you the most disgusting thing happened to my bub today. I was at my SIL and their dog dropped his ball in front of my dd. Before I could grab it off her she had her mouth to it. I was dry wretching as I cleaned her mouth out with wipes (all I had on me )... her screaming blue murder ... either about the taste of the wipes or me taking the ball off her ... who could tell? I'm sure she will be fine!


rl- - March 8

oh my ds was playing with a dead roach the other day thankfully I realized it before it got to his mouth but I am sure that is right where it would have ended up had I not saw what he had and it was so hard for me to take it from him cause I did not want to touch it but I did I just had to control my urge to scream about it LOL babies are so yucky sometimes!!! ( :


shelly - March 8

my older son when he was about 2 picked up and ate the cats sick that was on the carpet,the cat had just done it and ds went to investiate.he soon spat it out ick.


Renea - March 8

We always have a problem with lady bugs at the winter draws near and again as spring is coming. Connley (now 11months), will find the dead ones and eat them. I came home about 2 weeks ago to find that Daddy hadn't been watching close enough and he was eating one. I kept sc___ping my finger in there to get it out and kept coming out with lady bug shell.


Lindsey - March 8

This was me, but when I was about 4 i was in the garden with my dad and i used to pick up worms and suck them, apparently my parents even found some in my room, i've never lived it down and my dad even mentioned it in his speech on my wedding day. Gross, I know. Ry, I'm sure your dd will be fine, What did her ped say?


Nita_ - March 8

oh my god! Is this what my dd is going to do now that she's crawling and getting into all kinds of places! yuck!


ry - March 8

Ok NOW I am laughing about it! Her ped never even called me back I just realized. I swear they can be sitting right next to you and unless you are focused on them 24-7 they get into all types of trouble!


Gigi19 - March 8

I was on the phone with my cousin today and all of a sudden she started freaking out--I said what's wrong? She said that her 16 month old daughter was putting a cup into the toliet and drinking the water---Now that is gross. I guess that is why they make those toliet cover child protector things.


Heather F - March 9



LollyM - March 9

my lo always tries to suck on the edge of the table when we go to a fast food place which I think is pretty gross! She hasn't done anything super nasty.... yet! lol



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