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chiyochan - August 19

I am in my second trimester with my first baby, and the other night as I was beginning to fall asleep for some reason it started to sink in that in less than 7 months Im gonna be a mommy. Then I was thinking about when we would get to take the baby home from the hospital and as dumb as it sounds I said "oh my god , we're gonna be alone with the baby. What the heck are we gonna do?" I have realized I am freaked out cause I have never taken care of a newborn before and I am so afraid Im not gonna know what to do. I feel like a bad momma already beacuse of this. Is it normal to be scared like this? has anyone else experienced this?


Astra - August 19

Don't feel like a bad momma! I know I was excited but also very nervous before, during, after. It's a mixure of utter joy and some stress but you learn really quickly. If you have some family that can come around and support you in the first few weeks that can help a lot. My guy is 5 months and it took more than a month to feel really confident but I felt more competent every day and the love just grows! It helped me to read some books before and we did a preparation cla__s too. Ultimately you learn on the job but you will be great!


Sims1 - August 19

thats exactly what i used to think. don't feel bad when the baby comes instincts kick in even though you're not sure you move pretty swiftly. i used to think the same thing and worry about the same thing. then when i had the baby getting through the night was the hardest part. when you get home you sit there in a daze and you and family will stare at the baby. then it's getting into a routine of feed, sleep, change and that's pretty much it. read baby whisperer, very helpful.


amanda17 - August 20

Don't worry. I'm seventeen and I had absolutely no baby experience. I was terrified of being alone with my daughter. She's 11 weeks and I've been alone with her every day since she was born (for several hours a day anyway, just until her dad gets home) I started off pretty shaky with it, being nervous and all, but it's something you get used to. It will be second nature in no time.


margie - August 21

oh my gosh yes, it is very normal! i didn't get those feelings until i was really close though to delivering, i freaked out and realized that i know nothing...as it turns out though it was really natural and i knew most the things i needed to know about caring for my baby. i also took a childbirth cla__s for new parents at my hospital and it was great! they taught us a lot of basics, you'll be really surprised how natural it will come to you. but know that its very normal to feel that way so dont feel bad! good luck!!!


kimberly - August 21

First of all Congrats! Being a mom is a very rewarding and challenging job. It is totally normal to feel that way. I think most first time moms do. When I had my first I was so scared, I figured I would do everything wrong, but I seemed to do just fine once the baby came. Not everything will come naturally but loving and holding and caring for your baby will. There will be moments where you think Oh my Gosh what do I do, but trust me you will figure it out and like the last post said it will be second nature in no time. Good Luck with your pregnancy!



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