Ok Lets Talk About Fun Summer Things

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austinsmom - May 25

Well I am the type that loves summer!!!!! I cannot wait to teach my little man to swim....I was wondering when it would be a good time to teach him. He is going on 5 months (already!!!) and I have always heard that the younger the better.....now we are on the water all the time and we already have a cute little life jacket for him...so hey who has already done this and how old was your little one when you did......


austinsmom - May 26

awwww come on ladies surely at least one of yall have already taught a child to swim.......Now I know we usually talk about serious and mysterious things that may or may not happen to our little ones but I am shooting for a little lighter subject.......come on don't leave me hanging........ :-)


Ginny - May 26

I was hoping someone would answer, too! I have been in the water for as long as I can remember, so I know that's not any help. My baby is 4 mo old, and I've been planning on getting her into the water, but while being very careful, and hanging on to her. She loves baths, so I'm hoping she loves swimming. If no one answers, we could probably call YMCA and see what they suggest.


Shea - May 26

I can't wait to take my ds in the water too - I grew up near the ocean in Virginia, but now am landlocked here in Ohio. We are going to my mom's in FL next month, so we will see how he does. We usually get a membership to a waterpark, but pa__sed on that this year b/c he is so small, 4 months. I remember when my younger stepson was little we used to take him in one of those b__w up floats, and later with the b__w up arm floats, I think he was about 5 when he could swim good enough not to need them. I think at this age, just making it a positive experience so they are not afraid of the water is important. It amazes me how many people here in Ohio can't swim - and are afraid of the water - since we had so much water all around us growing up, everyone I knew was swimming from a young age. I'm so glad summer is almost here!


Kim L - May 26

Hey gals! My husband's mother has 5 children and she took all of them in her pool at home the week after they were born!!!!! She is a little different than most moms, so I can see how most people might not be comfortable with that. But she swears by it. She says they all LOVED the water and learned to swim at an early age, which eased her fears of one of them falling into the pool and drowning. Have fun experimenting this summer!


austinsmom - May 26

I have a hottub in the back yard and thought I would introduce my lo to the water with it cause I can have the water a little warmer than it would normally be until he gets used to it......I told hubby to ask doctor when he took our little one today and he just called and said doctor said can teach baby to swim anytime after 3 months......said that lo my not get the hang of it but it would get him used to the water so he would not be scared of it and would lay the ground work for him to learn how to swim earlier than those not introduced to the water at a young age......so I guess that settles it huh? I cannot wait.....anyway for those of yall with hottubs doctor said turn temp down to 86 deg ( the same temp used to give baths) and watch any chemicals on how they react on babies skin.....if skin shows any irritation to immediatly give bath after bringing in out of the water.....recon this would apply to pools too the chemical part anyway.......thanks for not leaving me hanging girls and have a great holiday weekend!!!!!!


pbj - May 26

I posted this on another question, but just to pa__s on what my friend told me who is mommy to 3 kids and a nurse. I live in Florida and it's always at least warm here, so I a__sumed I could take my dd in the pool this weekend at a friends party. She told me to not put her (she's 6 months btw) in the water until the water temp raises to at least 85 degrees or she could go into shock. You may want to ask your peds advice on this. I'm thinking if our water temp here isn't warm enough yet, then some of you who live in more northern climates might not be yet either. Like I said this is what she told me, I don't know what a peds opinion would be. Have a great summer everyone...I'm excited as well. I just bought Mattea the cutest bathing suit, sungla__ses, and cover up. She'll be way more stylin' than me.


Ginny - May 26

Haha! pbj, I'm the same way. My little girl already has more swimsuits than I do and she can't even swim!


austinsmom - May 26

That is a great point pbj......when my hubby talked to ped today I do not think he concentrated on temp of pool water just temp of hottub water cause this is how we are going to introduce water to my son and how to handle chemicals.....


Rabbits07 - May 26

We have a pool and I've always took my babies in, but never tried teaching them to swim....I've always been scared they would drown! When my now 3-year-old was 6 months my stepdad kept telling me to just throw him in and he would swim and I was like--NO WAY! All my other kids can swim now, but they learned as they were older. I'd love to be able to teach my little ones to swim, but I live in a little town and I doubt that they have cla__ses here. Incidently, I do remember reading something on infant swimming that mentioned watching how much water they swallow as the chlorine can be toxic if they swallow excessive amounts.



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