Ok Ok Stupid Question About Food

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aubjenwat - March 11

ok well last time i had posted that my son does not like to eat, he is 13 months now and he is off baby food and eat everything me and hubby eat (well not everything but mostly) well like i said almost everything like vegges he spits right out, and even some pasta and chicken he'll spit out, so i figured out away to get him to eat, and please tell me if the is wrong, he'll eat anything with tomato sauce!!!! like if i mix pasta and tomato sauce or chicken and tomato sauce or veggies!! is this wrong, i dont do it every meal, just with the stuff i know he wont eat! is this bad? please answer asap!!!


jb - March 11

I don't think that is bad at all. He is going to be hiding the stuff on you in a few years!!! For now....do what works best for you. My dd is similar and seems to like the stuff in pasta sauce too. I am lucky she will eat veggies plain, but on occasion I have to 'flavor' the chicken!


Lalla - March 11

I do the same thing - especially if dd has refused veggies for a day or two... I say what ever it takes. just not plain sugar etc!


Bonnie - March 12

You can give him sauces, seasonings, whatever you like. just watch out for the main dangers like nuts, honey, or undercooked foods. My son is the same age and he LOVES spagetti. he also loves his veggies smothered in garlic and olive oil, lol. he even eats a (very occasional) cheese burger from McD's. Try seasoning up his veggies with some olive oil or b___ter and a little seasoning. Go easy on salt products if you can. Mason LOVES his veggies, but if I give them to him plain he will spit them right out.


luviduvi - March 12

I think this is just fine. I know a lot of people who have to give their children food with ketchup. As long as they are getting their veggies I say amen! Plus, tomato sauce isn't bad...it's "tomato" sauce. You might even find a sugar free sauce if you are worried about him having the sugar in the sauce that makes it sweet. However I will tell you, if its sugar free, its most likey sweetened with Splenda or something else....


Selena - March 12

I think waht you are doing is just fine. MY dd (14.5 months) is practically vegetarian.She eats very little meat and only with a lot of begging. Oddly enough she loves all fruits and veggies and absolutely hates tomato sauce...go figure!



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