OK WAY TMI But Question About Blood In Stool

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chrissi79 - February 20

Ladies,I'm very sorry about this post, TMI, but this has happened to me a couple times since delivering...ok, so when i go to the bathroom (#2), sometimes there is blood on the tissue after...not IN the stool..but its like it hurts to go now...sorry so gross...or the stools are too big or something?! Today there was more blood than I've seen before, and I'm wondering could this be possibly because of hemorroids say inside or something? Because I don't have them on the outside...??? I don't get it. It literally hurts to "go", and I don't get why????


hutcho1984 - February 20

I have the exact same problem, i think its hemarhoids. Preparation h gel seems to help a little. Also i have to eat loads of veg and fibre to keep things soft. Im on iron tablets cos of anemia which sometimes makes me constipated.... dont let yourself get constipated it makes things even sorer!! lol. Nicola x


jadesmommy - February 20

try taking stool softeners like Colace and drink lots of fluids. You prob have a internal hemmeriod or a small fissure, crack in your rectum don't strain sit in warm tub and use soft tp and gel is good too


chrissi79 - February 20

thank you ladies....I was thinking it was something like that. An internal hemorroid or something along those lines. Its been painful to go since I gave birth, so makes sense. I will try some softeners or something because it seems like I'm 'going' a LOT more now... lol who knows why, maybe something to do with BF'ing baby??


AshleyB - February 20

Hi, I have 1 hemorroid that I got during delivery. I went the whole pregnancy without getting one, but during the pushing I got one. I still have it and it does what you're describing to me. I agree with jadesmommy, try colace stool softener, it worked wonders for me after giving birth. I seem to go alot more now, too, but I was terribly constipated all the time during pregnancy and I'm not now, so I guess that's why it seems like I go so often. I'm not BFing, so I do'n't know about that.


cant_think_of_a_decent_name - February 20

It could be hemarhoids but it could also be an a___l fissure. After i had my son it felt like i was trying to poo out gla__s so i went to see a specialist and he said i had an a___l fissure. It's like a small cut in your a__s. You can get an ointment form the Doctor for it and it can take up to 6 weeks to heal properly.


DB - February 20

Yes, Colace is magical!! DD is 3 weeks old tomorrow and I'm still taking one a day. I went a couple days without it and it hurt so bad. I think my stupid hemhorroid is almost healed (got it from pushing too). Hope you feel better soon.


Kara H. - February 20

I not its embara__sing, but there are awsome Rx creams that your doctor can give you than will clear up hemmoriods incredibly fast. My best friends hubby had an Rx that completely did away with an externally buldging one in two weeks. You also want to check with your Dr to make sure you don't have a polyp just inside you. If left untreated they can lead to alot of bleeding.


mandee25 - February 20

chrissi79, I have the same problem but was too embara__sed to ask. It must be hemmoroids because it hurts to go and it takes a while to finish the job. lol TMI I know!!! Can hemmoroids heal on their own?



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