Okay Vote For My Little Man Too

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erin - February 28

would you all be so kind to vote for my little man? pretty please? He's in the great expression gallery for wally world at: http://www.goportraits.com/goportraits/portraitclub_expressions.asp there shouldn't be any dashes but the underscore before expressions should be there. he's on the first page (for now) in the khaki pants and plaid shirt, he's sitting up and his name is Raif Maddox. Thanks!


KT - February 28

I tried to vote but i couldn't make it work. I clicked on the thumbnails and the picture would'nt come up?!


SHelly - February 28

I voted for your little man! I hope all goes well.....GOOD LUCK. ill keep trying to vote if i can.


erin - February 28

thanks for your vote SHelly. KT, sometimes when you go to that link it will show a need for a zipcode. any will do really, but the expressions gallery needs to be chosen in order to see his pic. thank you for trying.


Piper - February 28

What a little cutie. Good luck. You got my vote too.


Ca__sieSong - February 28

I voted :-)


jg - February 28

I voted too!


TRP - February 28

Cutie! I voted for him. Good luck!


ZacsMommy - February 28

OMG! He's adorable! I voted! I hope you win!!! How long does it go on for? I'll keep voting as much as I can!


Mommy - March 1

I voted for him! What a sweetie!


erin - March 1

thanks everyone, for your votes. i really really appreciate your help.


ZacsMommy - March 1

I just voted again! : ) Is there any way to tell who's in the lead?


erin - March 1

ZacsMommy...i think my son's in the lead right now, but i would have to click on all of the other pics just to see...i clicked on a few and he has more votes than them. However, we don't win a cool prize like you!


ZacsMommy - March 1

He's got a lot of votes! I vote every time I get on the computer. : ) I have it bookmarked. I'm such a nerd. But, have nothing else to do when my lil' man is sleeping. :) I'm a SAHM / computer geek!


ZacsMommy - March 2

He's on the 4th page now instead of the 1st with 209 votes!


TRP - March 2

Lol, Zacsmommy, I did the same thing yesterday! I voted like 20 times I think.


ZacsMommy - March 2

LOL! It's fun! I hope he wins. How long does the contest go and is there any prize??



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