Older Kids And Naps

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bradylove - March 4

Question for those of you with older kids, 2 1/2++ : When did you ds/dd stop napping and how did you know if he or she was ready to give them up? I'm asking because we have NEVER had any issues with putting Riley down for a nap until just last week. He straight out refuses to go to bed and if we put him in his room with the shade down and tuck him in, he gets up and yells, "no nap, I had good night-night mommy"....


jlong - March 4

D/d is now 34 mos and rarely naps anymore. After our baby was born 4 mos ago, toddler started napping less and less. However, she now goes to bed earlier which helps.


hello - March 5

Well my daughter doesn't fit into your age group but for the last 3 months she has been napping less, she is now 21 months.... Last week she slept three days but it certainly isnt everyday anymore, i still put her in the cot to rest and hope for the best......From 12.40 to around 1.40 she goes in the cot as i dont think kids should run around all day, while she fits in that cot she will still go in for a rest even a year from now, I clean the place, do dinner, night time bottle etc etc, washing....... later it will still be quiet time with a book in bed so she can rest..... It may not be that easy but if my little 21 month old can miss days here and there u have done well to get to 2 and a half plus and only strike trouble now, By the way i have an early to bed child, she is in bed by 7 if she sleeps during the day and will crash around 730 till 6.30 to 7am the next day, if she doesn't sleep she can be asleep by 6.15 to 6.30 and sleep till 630 or 7 the next day so either way is fine.....occasionally till 730 or 8am


bradylove - March 5

Thanks girls! Anyone who has older kids??


Renea - March 5

With my older two--they quit taking naps at about 3 years old (it was the summer before they started pre-school). I think it was because they were too excited about being able to play outside, swim, etc. that they just didn't want to nap anymore. With my 3rd child, she stopped taking naps at about 2 1/2. She is a night owl and I have found that if she takes a nap, she is awake even longer at night. So, I cut out her nap and now bedtime is a little better--she still can outlast the others though-sometimes even me =) Try not giving him his nap and see how his temperment is later. If he so crabby that he can't make it to bedtime--he probably still needs it. If he is doing good, then probably doesn't need the nap. If you are still wanting that "quiet time" for yourself, I used to do this too----let them know that if they don't want to take a nap, that is fine, but they have to be in their room--for quiet time--can play or whatever (as long as they are in their room). You set the time limit based on what his naps used to be like--I used to say 30minutes.


SonyaM - March 5

My son was about 3.5-4 years old and gave up his nap. I was sad, he was happy. I think each child is different. My neighbor has a 5 year old and 2.5 year old and they both still nap 3 hours in afternoon.


Mellissa - March 5

Rylee stopped taking naps when she was 2. I knew she was ready because when i would lay her down for a nap, she would get up and play for an entire hour, then tell me she was done. With Riley telling you "no nap" or he had good sleep the night before, I would say he's outgrown naps. I agree with Renea, I would still put him in his room, but tell him it's ok if he plays quietly, and if he's tried then he can lay down. Then of course if he stars getting tired before his normal bed time, I might put him to bed an hour earlier, to make up for the missed nap.


bradylove - March 5

Thank you everyone!!! Very helpful info!!! I think I might try quiet time as suggested. His bedtime doesn't seem to be affected either way, but I do need some time to tidy up and get supper on etc... Thanks!



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