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Kristina - December 23

URGH I think Canada Post is run by a bunch of monkeys! What friggen idiots!!! My grandparents sent out a parcel over 2 weeks ago that they were promised would be here by christmas...h__lo! still no package!! So my grandma called and had it tracked's been in edmonton since last friday!! I just got off the phone with canada post and I ask the lady if that parcel could be sent out to me today..she says "No, actually you might not even get it at all" EXCUSE ME? Not only that, hubbys dad sent out something and had it sent back to him with a note saying that nobody lives at this address...umm I'm pretty sure we do live here thanks! And no his dad did not have the address wrong. It's my first Christmas away from'd be nice if canada post didn't have to to screw it up more for me! I think I will go down there today and knock someones teeth out! Sorry...had to vent! =S


Lisastar9 - December 23

The manager of the post officehere says that Calgary has a poor delivery service and I am sure it is the same for Edmonton.,I am sure it is the same for Edmonton are my words. Hope you have a good christmas inspite of the canada posta__ses.


amanda.d - December 23

Go straight to the post master ream some a$$ thats what I did once and its been good ever since.


Christy - December 23

Gee, I won't b___h about the USPS anymore. I have heard bad things about Canada Post from my Canadian friends. You'd think with all the money your guys pay in taxes, you'd have semi-decent postal service. Sorry they suck. BTW- I initially thought this was a thread bashing Canada based on the t_tle since I did not realize the post office in Canada was called Canada Post.


Kristina - December 23

LOL way Canada rocks...just not canada post haha


Michelle - December 23

I know the feeling... almost the same thinkg, but not quite.... my mother send me a Christmas card and she got it back. She thinks I either didn't pick it up or gave her the wrong address. I know she had the right address. Very frusterating!! I hope all gets better for you!


Kristina - December 23

well I will be sending things through greyhound from now on! We use them often and they haven't screwed up yet. Plus they are faster and cheaper with big things.



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