OMG I Am Going To Lose It

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lin7604 - February 21

why oh why does he keep fighting his last nap of the day? Every day around 5-6 i dred that time of day, all his naps during the day are great. when it's around 1.5 hrs i put him in his crib, give him his soother and he's out in a minute or two. BUT.... when the last nap of the day comes he cries and cries when he is put down, i feed him and he will dose off in my arms and as soon as i put him down he cries. Today he was up from his last nap at 4 and should of beed napping 5:30 - 6 the latest, well it was 6:45 and i was tired of fighting with him so i got him ready for bed instead. I hate when he goes to bed before 7 as he is up so much more throught the night then. when he goes to bed 8-9 he sleeps much better during the night and less night wakes, if any. does anyone have any reasons or know why he does this every day? he is 4 months on sat.


bradylove - February 21

Could it be a sign that he's outgrowing the need for that last nap? My ds gave up up his after-supper-nap around 5 months.....


Smilefull - February 21

Babies are naturally cranky at that time of the day---might just be the time of the day rather than the issue of a nap.


lin7604 - February 21

but then he's was up from 4 - 7 ( 3hrs) isn't that too long for a 4 month old, especially since he had glossy , puffy eyes and was very fussy. that isn't his normal behavior at all. if it is just "fussy time of day" what do i do to handle it? I can't keep him up till 8 then for bed, that's way too long.bradylove: what time did your ds go to bed before he gave up his last nap and then after he gave it up?


lin7604 - February 22

well i omited that nap and put him to bed early and just like i thought he was up 20 min after i put him down, wanted to eat at 11 after having a 6oz bottle and 1tbs of cereal at around 7. why is it when he goes to bed before 8 he's up at 11 or a feeding? otherwise he's good till 1-2am. also just like i thought he was up at 5:30! otherwise he's eat at 5:30 and go right back to sleep till 7-8. but he was talking up a storm. it's a little ridculas having his first nap at 7:30! I will try i guess to oavoid that last nap and do bed earlier but how long should he stay up for b/c he gets overtired VERY QUICKLY and then it's too late and i want to avoid that of corse. He is also only a 30-60 min napper.


lin7604 - February 22

any other suggestions please!


LisaB - February 22

If you dont have other kids why don't you just hold him fr hs last nap so it gets it in and allows you to sleep at night. As long as he takes all his other napsin his crib it won't hurt him to give him love and cuddles and let him nap on you. I know my ds between 3-4 months some days that is the only way he would nap hes 15 months now and sleeps great on his own.



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