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USMC_wife - February 7

Sorry if this seems TMI or anything.......So I was helping my 4 year old dd dry off after her bath this morning, and she begins asking me all sorts of questions about "pee pees." She asks "Why do Daddy's have different pee pees than we do?" (I have told her they are different, but she hasn't seen for herself) Then she asks "How are they different?" I really wasn't sure how to answer that one(LMAO....reminds me of the tail comment soemones dd made) I mean....what do you say that a 4 year old would understand....."Well, it's this kinda long ugly thing....." Next, she asks if she has hair on her pee pee. I was floored! I explained that she would when she was big, but not for a while. OMG. I was so not ready for this! I'm certainly not ashmed to be open with my kids and talk to them about stuff, but I thought I would have a little longer than this. And it was so out of the blue. Kids are hilarious.......oh, what a roller coaster we ride!


JenS - February 7

LOL! That is funny! I only have a 5 month old ds...but I'm so sure I'll be getting those type of questions sooner then I think! :)


Lisastar9 - February 7

I would find a children's book from the library and show her a pic. Explain it is called a p___s. I don't think you need to get into the s____m part. Only answer enough to answer her questionnothing more . Enough to satify her curiousty.


USMC_wife - February 7

Thanks Lisastar...... I was wondering about how much to tell her. She already knows her baby sister was in my belly and how she came out. When she asked me how she got there I said Daddy helped put her in my belly. Any ideas for that? I want her to be educated on bodies, and yes with correct terms and all, but I also don't want to tell her more than she's ready to know.


bekysu - February 7

LOL!!! So cute. I know my two year old sees my hubby "down there" because she doesn't allow him to shower w/o her being in the batheroom for at least half the time (until I come and get her). She is also at that stage where she doesn't let you potty by yourself. She is always asking my dh "whats that." I think whatever you say will be fine as long as its nothing vulgar. Thanks for the laugh!


HannahBaby - February 7

its good that you talk to her though. I never saw a woman naked, ever....So when i was starting to hit puberty (about 11) I FREAKED out when i started sprouting hair!! I had NO IDEA and was very confused. My mom never talked to me about any of that kind of stuff so your on the right track being open with her.


USMC_wife - February 7

Thanks for the encouragement, Hannahbaby!


maryl14 - February 7

well i'm very open with my dd when chey asked me how babies got in mommies belly i told her that daddy helped me put the baby there and that eased her curiousty until recently when i had my ds (she is 7)when she asked again and i told her that mommies and daddies make love (with out explaining exactly how yet) i know that here real soon i will have to explain it fully she know about periods and pregnancy how how babies are born (she was in the delivery room this last time) but i'm still little freaked about telling her exactly how babies are made as for my two youngest girls 3 1/2; and 2 y/o they know the difference between girls privates and boys right after i had ds my dd savannah 3 1/2 walked in the bath room on me and of course i was still bleeding from having him and she went running out of the bath room screaming mommies got a bad boo boo daddy you got to take her to the doctors after i stopped laughing i told her that after a mommy has a baby that we bleed a little and that i wasn't hurting that it was normal now she is fine with it and understands. i know she does because she told my older sister (who is pregnant) that after she has her baby she is going to bleed a little and my sister was shocked that she knew that but i didn't want her to go on thinking mommy had a big boo boo sorry if any of this is tmi


ash2 - February 7

Get ready honey ! The best is yet to come !!



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