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HannahBaby - February 16

OMG my son took his first cereal and apples poop (along with br___tmilk) and WooooooWeeeee Did it smell! I gagged the whole time i was changing him....Disgusting lol


vonzo - February 16

Wait until you see a spinach fuelled nappy!!!!!!!!!! LOL We gave Amber spinach,parsnip and basil baby food yesterday and boy does she have a fresh bum today!! It's also black because of the iron. hehehe


mandee25 - February 16

Hahahaha. I can't wait! NOT!!! I am just starting to tolerate my ds's 12 week old poop smell. Isn't it weird though how you can tolerate your own baby's poop smell but not anyone else's babies poop smell?


Emily - February 16

oh wait until you change that while pregnant! Man I did puke a coupel fo times. Even when not pregnant it is bad. Just ait it hgets worse! lol!


ssmith - February 16

No...Hannahbaby, just wait until your little guy starts eating meat. UGH! That has to be 100 x's worse that fruit & cereal poop LOL


jenrodel - February 16

lol... ds has been eating cereal for a couple weeks now and I haven't noticed much of a difference yet... I guess it comes when you start adding fruits and veggies! I guess I will find out pretty soon here... hehe


piratesmermaid - February 16

vonzo, would you think me weird if I said that the spinach, parsnip, and basil sounds good? I think sweet potato poop is really smelly to. :)


lexa - February 16

I cant imagine my dd could get any worse than she is now!!! She literally smells like rotten cauliflower and broccoli when she goes (I know....gross). It gags us sometimes. I cant even think that it could be any worse. Yuck!!! At least she thinks its funny:-)


Brendansmom - February 16

Seriously, wait until they only eat table'll be amazed at how they can stink you out of a room!!!


vonzo - February 17

Piratesmermaid i try all of her food before i give her it and its pretty good! I love her fruit puree, its one for Amber, 1 for mummy, :o)



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