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SonyaM - February 16

So some of you may remember I have a neighbor who has five kids and her dh is deployed. I have been helping as much as I can by taking her dinner, running errands, helping with the kids, etc. Well I just went over to take a dinner to her and as I was leaving I heard her oldest daughter (6) say, "Mommy remember when you said you were gonna stay away from Sonya and that other girl (which I guess she meant of the other neighbors that I am friends with)". HELLO!!!!! I think my jaw hit the floor. I tried to play it off and quickly left. She has already called but I didn't answer the phone. She left a message for me to call her when I get a chance. I am so p___sed and hurt I don't know what to say or do. GGGGGGRRRRR!!!!!!


Rhiannon - February 16

Wow. I am sorry, I would be p__sed also. Maybe she said this a long time ago before she knew you. I am so guilty of making snappy judgements of other people then recanting and feeling like an idiot. If you do talk to her please keep us updated.


Crissy - February 16

Wow Sonya, I'd be p__sed too. Maybe the daughter misunderstood the mom, or maybe the mom was joking around and the daughter didn't realize. I dunno, but that would really hurt my feelings too if I overheard something like that. I am wondering what she has to say for herself though. Let us know if you find out.


SonyaM - February 16

I haven't called her back yet mainly because I really have no desire to talk to her at this point and also I really think she is gonna try to act like she has not idea what her daughter is talking about. She lives right across the street so it's not like I can just avoid her. I see her all the time coming and going etc. I have moved on from p__sed to being really hurt. She has never been my favorite person but I am the type of person that no matter what- I am there for you if you are in need. I just really felt bad for her and her family and wanted to do what I could. I don't expect anything from her in return but I don't expect to be bad mouthed either. This has been such a horrible week I really didn't need this. Well, thanks for letting me vent. I will let you know if I talk to her. I don't know if I am gonna call her back or not. She might email me if I don't call her so I'll let you know.


Steph - February 16

Wow! That really sucks! Obviously she knows that you heard it, that's why she called....I dunno. I'd not return her phone call for a couple of days and I'd not really try and go out of my way to speak with her either. I hope you feel better soon, and sorry that you had such a c___ppy week.


3babies - February 17

Hi Sonya - just from another point of view ... I said something similar about our neighbour across the road a while ago which my son repeated ... but as I explained to my neighbour I meant that I didnt want my kids going over there all the time being a pain (she does daycare at home, so I figure the last thing she wants is extra kids that she' s not being paid for!) Just a thought ...


mandee25 - February 18

After all that you have done for her I think it would hurt to hear her daughter say that too. I would just avoid her and not go out of my way to help anymore if that is how she is going to act. Very ungrateful! Let us know if you talk to her.


Brittany - February 18

I would confront her too. You can't just let something like this slide. You've done so much for her. If her child did misunderstand her comment, thats all the more reason to ask her about it. Maybe she thinks your helping her too much, maybe this happened for a reason...for you to back off. What a helpful neighbor though, I'm sorry you heard that, some people just like to be left alone though. I hope everything works out for you. You can either ignore her for awhile then confront her or you can confront her the next time you see her. If it were me, I wouldn't talk to her again, I'm mean that way though, I guess I'm not a neighbor person haha.



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