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Mommy - December 11

Okay, my husband and I were arguing over my being "over-protective" He said his family thinks I'm overly protective of my kids. Their reasoning? Because I don't give Zane and Logan bubble gum at 18 and 7 months old...because I make Zane hold my hand while we are in a store instead of just letting him walk beside in not wanting my 7 month old to be given Pringles...or because I insist his family tell me where they are going and how long they will be gone when they have the boys. When I told my hubby why I don't let Zane just walk beside me, which is he runs off and isn't scared of strangers, he actually had enough nerve to say "Yeah, I'm sure there are child snatchers everywhere" Needless to say I was soooo p___sed at him. I can't believe how careless he is with the boys. His own brother is always in trouble with the law for drugs, which is the same one who loves to take Zane out. He even made the comment to Zane that the only time he should be in a cop car is if he is in the back!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, with that behavior they are lucky to even SEE them in the first place!


Chelsey - December 11

Nothing wrong with being over protective. I am the same way! I remind myself of Aunt Josephine off of Lemony Snickets! "Stay away from the fridge, it will crush you flat!" I'd rather be over protective than too nonchalant about things. Sounds like your BIL needs a talkin' to! I'd be setting him straight pretty quick regarding his flappity mouth! Even though he was probably kidding, a little boy probably wouldn't see it that way.


Jamie - December 11

Wow! I'd be livid! I'd say, tell hubby's family that they can go down under (and not to Australia)...YOU'RE the mommy, you get to raise YOUR kids YOUR way.


monica - December 11

your are doing the right thing....sorry there is no way that anyone that is in trouble with the law would be taking out my 5 year old does not chew gum.....and he holds my hand....geez if they think your over protective ....I wonder what they would think of me. Your doing a great job....dont change.


Mommy - December 11

Thanks everyone. It drives me nuts that they try to tell me I'm doing things wrong. This is coming from people who when my hubby was little fell through ice on a pond cause he wasn't being watched. I swear it's much better to care too much than not at all.


Jbear - December 11

You're not overprotective...nothing has happened to your kids, right? So that means you're doing a great job of keeping them safe. I'm mom is a college professor and I didn't leave Valerie with her until she was 2. And I made her ride in the shopping cart until a few months ago because she doesn't watch where she is going and I thought she'd get hit by another shopper. My husband is worse than I am, he doesn't want her to play at McDonalds because he thinks she'll get hurt. Don't let your husband's relatives take your kids if you don't trust them...just tell them to make their own kids if they want some to play with.


The real Lissi - December 11

OMG! If his family are that laid back with kids, I'm amazed your DH is still alive! There are child snatchers everywhere, and how often do you read in the papers about mothers who "just turned their back for a second" and their child is whisked away, never to be seen again?! You absolutely right to be cautious about that. You're not being overprotective at all. My mum didn't let me have bubble gum until I was 7, because she was scared I would choke on it. I certainly wouldn't give it to an 18 month old. You must have the patience of a saint to put up with his family!


Christy - December 11

You are not being overprotective- you are being a good, normal mom. Keep up the good work. :)


Shannon - December 11

i agree, you're not being overprotective, you're being reasonable and responsible.


Narcissus - December 11

Mommy, sorry but my "old hag" view is if they are taken out by someone who is in trouble with the law for drugs, you are not protective enough.... Show those careless people much you mean business and don't let the most precious people in your life get in the car with his brother ever again. That will teach them how serious you are and also keep those kids more safe. Does he get stoned and drive Zane around?


Mommy - December 11

Well, as part of his probation, he got his liscense taken away. His dad is the one who does all the driving so I'm at ease a little because his dad is a very cautious driver and doesn't do any drugs or drinking. He is really the only good one with the boys. They all mean well with them, but they are sooo careless.


lisa - December 11

chewing gum at 18 and 7 months??? is he mad?


Mommy - December 11

That's hubby's aunt that does that. His dad, aunt and brother all live together. It's strange yes, but they are really...broke, and it's easier that way. It's his dad's sister so nothing is going on of course. She thinks she can give Logan rice crispy treats and fruit loops and other things he shouldn't have. They drive me nuts. If only I could give my moms OVER-PROTECTIVENESS to them and make my mom less spaz-stic and them more caring.


Brittany - December 11

O wow, sometimes I feel exactly like you. My hubbys parents don't actually tell him I'm overproctive but they wonder why I never let them baby sit my son etc. I'm sorry your feeling this way, YOUR THE MOM and you make the decisions. The only reason your hubby thinks that way is because his family is pushing it into his head. If people tell me I spoil or am over protective of my son, I tell them it's better than him being neglected or me being like the mothers on the news who drowns her children!! You are the way you are because you LOVE your babies! Keep on doing what your doing, from what I've read in your post, your doing a great mommy job!! Good luck with everything, us women know what your going through and we give you credit!


C - December 11

That's not over protective by any means. You're doing your job.


wenling - December 12

I totally understand where you're coming from! I am also being accused of being over protective of my boy who is 7mths old!! I mena, how can a 7mth old fend for himself? seriously? My Dh will go on and on about boys being over protective being sissy later in life. My ILs don't get it that i don't feed my then 5mth old ice cream. They ask why?? why deprive the baby? I'm so mad btu mostly at DH for agreeing with them when i've taken great pains to explain to him and he agreed!


Kristina - December 12

omg!!! Ok...even if there WASN'T child snatchers everywhere (which sad to say, there IS), it's not appropriate behaviour for kids to just run around stores. They need to learn bounderies. As for being way!



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