OMG My Baby Has A Mullet

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Kaeli - January 23

Ok, so my son Maddox is 2 weeks old today! When he was born he had this light brown super fine baby hair on top of his head and this darker brown fuzz on the back of his head and base of his neck that was a bit longer. Well, everything in the back of his head has grown, but the top has stayed baby fine and really hasnt grown in length. He TOTALLY looks like he has a mullet!!!! Infact a friend of mine calls him baby Joe (As in Joe Dirt) Did this happen to anyone else?


Eryn @ MN - January 24

Ellie is 4 1/2 months and she doesn't have that problem but all her hair has fallen out exept for on the top. It's getting pretty long too so she looks like Loyd from Dumb and Dumber! if you wanna see. :)


jg - January 24

Hahaha you two are so funny. My boy looks like he has a rats tail cause his hair is really fair all over, except for that tiny bit at the bottom where it is really dark, but it's not long enough for me to snip off!


Grantsmom - January 24

LOL! As soon as I saw your t_tle I had to check it out, because my husband and I were just talking about how our son's hair looks like a mullet! It is exactly as you describe Maddox's hair. I wanted to let his hair get a little long, but if he grows a mullet I'll have to get it cut. My friends baby's hair is growing like a mowhawk. She has a ton of thick hair in a strip on the top and none on the sides.


Kristina - January 24

lol well Tasia is 12 weeks and has a big blad spot on the back of her head from sleeping on her back..I call it a SKULLET haha


Kristina - January 24

err BALD


Kaeli - January 24

Wow! So glad I am not alone in this! No one tells you of the strange hair growth patterns for newborns... lol... I really hope Maddox's hair grows out on the top. TO ERYN - Ellie is adorable! I love the hair! I will have to get some pics of the back of Maddox's hair to post!


KrYstaL - January 24

cagneys is like that too. it'll look better once it grows out a little. taits was like that too when he was little.


KrisD - January 25

My son has a 'tail' at the base of his neck... and bald above it. Drives me nuts...


Eryn @ MN - January 25

Thanks Kaeli! Lets us know when you gets some pictures of your little one. I love his name!


Chelsey - January 25

My little guy doesn't have a mullet, but he does have a bad comb-over..... he looks like Donald Trump. :(


Heidi - January 25

Eryn, loved your site! She's a cutie! Emma's hair is falling out in the back! Doesn't matter how little I keep her off her back either. She's got this big patch that goes across the back of her head that's missing! She looks pretty goofy from behind.


Kaeli - January 25

Ok, I made a sorry attempt at making a piczo website. My little man keeps waking up so I havent been able to do much other than get a few pictures loaded! Look down at the bottom of the first page and you can see his little mullet. Sorry its not a great picture, but its about 2" long in the back and he is practically bald on the top!!! Anyway, here is the website!


Eryn @ MN - January 26

Kaeli: He is so cute! He can pull the mullet off pretty good. Hedi: Thanks does Emma have a website?


Kaeli - January 26

Thanks Eryn! And to Kristina, today my boyfriend said it looks like Maddox is getting a skullet too!! lol He is losing this hair in the back from being in the cradle!


Iso - January 27

LMAO finally a question that honestly made my day. That question is hilarious. Only because my baby has the worst copper-red mullet and to make it worse, his one front tooth hasn't come in yet and he looks like the MAD kid witha mullet!


Kaeli - January 27

To Iso - Oh how funny! Post some pictures for us to see!



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