Omg The Pediatrician Was A

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mosley12 - March 7

when i took ds to his dr.s appointment, i noticed a sign saying a certain dr. wasnt there anymore. ds had never seen this dr, because up until his last appointment, he always saw the neogalisgist, or whatever the dr. that deals with premies is called. but i knew who the dr. was, and once he was in the room while ds was weighed and told me what an adorable little boy i had, well of course i loved hearing how cute he was and thought he was a nice dr...well it turns out the dr. doesnt work there anymore because he was recently arrested for child pedophilia! and when they went to arrest him, they found tons of child p___n..i guess alot of mothers are pulling there children from this office, and im considering it, but im not sure if i want to because the dr. is gone, ds never saw him, and i like the dr. that he sees. but im still unsure..what would you guys do?


eclipse - March 8

Well, as you said, your baby never saw this doctor, he is gone, and you like and hopefully trust the doctor you do see. That is huge. I hate one of my pediatricians and like the other, and pediatricians are hard to find that you have a good relationship with. I would stay because he is gone, and trust me, they won't make that mistake again. Good luck on your decision.


Kristin72 - March 8

that's just disgusting


sahmof3 - March 8

a__suming the police have no reason to believe that any other docs in the practice had knowledge of this man's disgusting activities, I think I'd stay in that practice if I liked the other docs.


ry - March 8

Omg, what a shock! In completely understand that your first instinct would be to run from this office but if your doc knows your shilds history and you and your son are comfortable seeing him, I wouldnt let one disgusting person reflect on the whole office. I guess like everything else just follow your instinct. God, I am sick about that!


Jennifer28 - March 8

How horrible for you and the other families! Just count your blessings that ds did not have him as a dr. If you trust the one he has, I say stick w/ him. Makes me want to do a background check on my dr, though! Good luck to you - whatever you decide.


jilly01 - March 8

at work we have this web site that you can see how many tickets a doc has and it's public.....let me find it...this made me think i am sure lots of ladies would love to look up their doc's too.....


venus_in_scorpio - March 8

id say if your pediatrician was not involved , then dont switch it is hard to build a good relationship with a doctor. i would be totally undone if i had to switch dd's ped, she has known her since day 1 and came to the hospital when dd was like 8 hours old... if it wasnt your doc then dont worry about it ya know?his must be so upsetting for you...


Kara H. - March 8

I know it is tempting to judge people by the company they keep, but I have worked with someone who turned out to be sell drugs, All of us lost business because of the one persons actions, and we were just as shocked by the arrest as all of our clients were. So if you like "your" doctor at the practice, I would not leave. I'm sure they are just as florred as you are.


Kara H. - March 8

Hey! By any chance was the pediatrician the one that was on Dateline's "To Catch A Preditor"? That doctor show up to have "relations" with who the thought was a 13yr old girl. He cried like a baby and stomped his feet when the ran up to arrest him...


piratesmermaid - March 8

EWW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW!!!!!! My first thought would be to get away too, but like the other ladies have said, if the other docs didn't know and they're safe, then think about it like this, if they found one sick old man, surely they'll be more careful and really look into the others, probably more so that a doc's office that has never had this kind of problem.


Lchan - March 8

Jilly - have you found the web site yet?


rl- - March 8

that is just awful!! I would say if you are concerned talk to the pedi you do see there tell them of your concerns and just see what kind of feedback you get if your pedi addresses your concerns and is open and upfront with you about what the other doc did.


mosley12 - March 8

thanks ladies..i know other people who use ds's dr. and they love him to..i didnt want to switch because of ds's health problems when he was born, and how his dr. is good and knows his history, but i felt guilty as if i had to switch guys made me feel better! Kara H, i wouldnt think that would be him because i think he was into little boys, not girls. Jilly01, have you found that site yet?


LollyM - March 9

I would say stay at the office. It's pretty unlikely that there is another pedophile working there. If they caught him, they would have caught the rest. If you go somewhere else, The chances of a perv are probably higher than where you are now. Does that make sense? I am tired sorry lol. sorry to hear about the freak anyway! Jill, I would like to see that sight too!



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