Omg This Is So Sad

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EricaG - January 18

A woman dies from drinking too much water in a contest to win her children a nintendo wii. w w w DOT There should be no dashes.


rl- - January 18

yeah I heard about this already in fact the radio station I listen to played the actual show clips when she was on there and there was a nurse that called the show and told them that someone could get very sick and even die from water intoxication and they told her oh well they all signed waivers and they were all laughing and asked this nurse why she was not in on the contest and she said because "I don't want to die" was really creepy hearing the woman talking the one that died Jennifer she was fine then she started getting a bad headache and she ended up quitting for Justin Timberlake tickets which she did not even get to see the concert it was that night but she died in the afternoon when they were talking to her when she quit she told them her head hurt and that she was feeling light headed and that her belly was bloated like she was prego again then she said she could prolly still drink more water but they would have to hold her up.....that is very sad!!


sahmof3 - January 18

That's horrible! Hard to believe anyone would actually do something like that!?!


piratesmermaid - January 18

I read about this a few days ago at It's extremely sad, and it's a shame that the radio station had them sign waivers because something needs to happen to that radio station for not doing their research first and putting people's lives at risk.


ash2 - January 18

Well apparently the waivers didnt work, because they all still got fired ! Those people should feel soooo bad for what they did.


piratesmermaid - January 18

I didn't know that ash2, GOOD.


ssmith - January 18

How can you die from drinking too much water?


Kara H. - January 18

You take in more than your kidneys can take out and you begin to swell on the inside - especially the brain. As the brain swells, it runs out of places to go and brain damages results - which is what they believed killed her. It can also cause organ failure in almost every system as the fluid builds and puts pressure on your organs.


Kara H. - January 18

Also in her case - the contest was how much could you take in without peeing.


^lucy^ - January 19

i saw it on tv this morning.. its sad cz she had 3 kids and probably she wanted the nintendo for them :( also they mentioned that a lady called the tv station and told them that this might cause water poisoning and it would be dangerous,, what did she get as a reply? contestants signed on a paper that the program is not responsible of any health problem that might occur!! they got fired and are going to court as the tv owner said.


^lucy^ - January 19

rl,, i just repeated what u said but sorry i didnt read ur post before writing mine :)



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