OMG This Is Too Cute

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pregnantjackie - October 23

I trained my son, after MUCH practice to raise his hand when asked "who is the cute one?!" so whenever someone asks that he immediately raises his hand...and he's not even 8 weeks old!! Sorry, I'm probably just overly excited bc I'm a ftm but it is SO cute!!!


JerseyGirl - October 24

That really is too cute! I'd love to teach my 4-month-old something like that! How'd you do it?


kimberly - October 24

Sounds adorable, you need to get that on tape! How are you doing? I haven't chatted with you since we were preggers!


pregnantjackie - October 24

Jersey- I just went over and over it. I would raise my hand every time and say 'who's the cute one?' and he would mimic me (once he figured out how to raise his hand- and usually he would only raise it halfway.) but yesterday he did itr on his own now and raised his hand all the way. you can teach a baby anything if you spend enough time on it. Kimberly- I am doing good, how are you? My b___stmilk is greenish blue everday no matter what I eat which is a little odd. How is your little girl? My son is incredible! I feel like he is advanced but probably ever mom feels that way about her child. My husbands parents are deaf so from the getgo we have been teaching our son sign language. He is just starting to sign 'milk.' Its good for babies not yet old enough to communicate with sound, bc communicating w their hand is easier for them. I have also begun to understand he makes a certain sound when he wants a diaper change... like a 'aggggeeeaggggeee' noise. Other than that I am confused half the time. I find myself saying "whats wrong with him" a little to much, I feel like I should know ALL his cries by now. He's probably around 15lbs now, and he will be 8 weeks old tomorow. hes a big boy!!


kimberly - October 24

Kyleigh, is doing great! She will be 10 weeks tommorrow, but she is so little still. She weighs 12 lbs. 6 oz and is only 22 inches long. She is my smallest baby! I am glad to hear you and your little one are doing so good. Kyleigh is my 3rd baby and I still wonder what I am doing sometimes. lol! If you want to see pics of her go to augustbabies2007.piczo dot com and then click on kimberly. Do you have any pics online?


pregnantjackie - October 25

Oh- she is SO cute!!!I don't have any pics online myself, how do you get them up? I'm not the most comp literate person on earth...


pregnantjackie - October 25

ok so I don't know if this works but go to liamsproudmommy(dot)piczo(dot)com go to view profile and i scattewred some pics all over it of me, my hubby and my new baby


kimberly - October 25

Jackie, he is so adorable!! You all look like a very lovely family!



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